It's sunday, 4:28am and I fell in love again
It's sunday, 4:28am and I fell in love again love stories
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labyrinthia Someone with an odd fixation for poison.
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More of a recent one, done on March 11th. I guess you can realize that it's meant for someone.

It's sunday, 4:28am and I fell in love again

It all started with an echo in my mind It were telling me that I should not search for things I don't want to find Because once I do, I get dragged up into it as if it was a black hole when it bends light And it doesn't matter what I do that is something that I can't fight

But when I saw you, sweet and innocent at heart I felt like I was witnessing true art My eyes could not believe what they were seeing But my heart could never forget that so familiar feeling

It was then that I realized, that I was poisoned again. Poisoned by the bittersweet vial that is called love.

And it only went "downhill" from that point Every word that came from you made me feel weak at THAT joint. The exhausted piece of machinery that locates deep within my body, my core. Once the gears are set in motion, this cold body will heat up, only asking for more.

And in that day we were up until late, I promised you I'd be there for you all night. Even when all is dark, you were the one that gave me the light. And we just kept going on and on for God knows how long. And even after days ago, talking about that we had to remain nothing, for me you were like a love song.

"I love you." I lost track how many times that was spoken by myself. And you didn't seem to mind that I loved every last inch of you, as long as you were yourself. Lost in the bliss that was your company... That was when I realized that the voice in my mind wasn't a warning, it was an epiphany.

And it was only then that I realized, you aren't my world. You are my universe.

...and in that second that felt like an lifetime, you asked me if you could call me your boyfriend. I reluctantly agreed, not because I was scared but because I didn't want the moment to end.

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