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labyrinthia Someone with an odd fixation for poison.
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This was a recent one, done yesterday.

When your chest feels tight and you realize you never actually got over it.


It's 10pm, I got this pen in my hand and I still can't put my feelings into something poetic. The truth is that they're gross, like I am. Frenetic, Dramatic, Erratic. And I still can't forget that day, at 11:07am

I hate how I fall in love but I still can only draw parallels to poison. The truth is that I never forgot the day when you left me on the house with nothing more than a broken heart and 3 months worth of unanswered messages 3 months worth of unanswered messages.

And in that day I went from a boy to a man And in that day I said that I'd "Cry all the tears that I can." But it's been 2 years and the tears don't stop coming. It's been 2 years and the effects don't stop coming.

And in that day I went from a boy to a broken down shell And if I could, I would sell All the memories and kiss them goodbye But you didn't even bother to tell me goodbye.

It's 11pm and I still hate you for this. You left me poisoned and never said where the cure is.

There is no cure.

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