I'd drank poison in hopes I'd become numb
I'd drank poison in hopes I'd become numb feelings stories

labyrinthia Someone with an odd fixation for poison.
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but it only made me more sensitive in the end.

I'd drank poison in hopes I'd become numb

Old notebook, when night comes about you're my only friend; It is you who I can trust my feelings with, I know you understand. Why is it that I can't find a path to a happy end? This pain in my chest, I can barely stand.

This is the end. No longer can I just pretend That everything is okay, and that my "problem" is gone, I've already said it: that and me, we are one.

And everytime I fought it, it just got worse, And this time was no different, but of course. So lets stop these words, they're turning cold; Before this hurts lets wave goodbye, carefree and bold.

So allow my poison to take over my core, There's no changing this tale, I know the lore; And under the moonlight, as rings fate's bell I promise that I loved you, and you know this well.

But no matter how much we make things mellow, My Jealousy will turn this love shallow. So please forgive me that things didn't work out, like I said it would; Because there was nothing else in my life I wanted more than to prove that it could.

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