“Do you hate me that much..?”
“Do you hate me that much..?” bts stories

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Jungkook fanfic/one shot? Idk if I should continue? *sighs* let me know your thoughts? (Pics r not mine, credit to makers)

“Do you hate me that much..?”

“Do you hate me that much..?” Junkook said as a small smirk began to form.

“You know I only did it because she was getting too clingy...”

“Noona...” he added with a clipped tone

The word stung as it rolled off the boys tongue,

The word stung as it rolled off the boys tongue, And he knew it did

Annoyed now you start Pushing away from your desk and stand

crossing your arms as you face him clearly annoyed you glare at him

He had a devilish grin painted across his face, he knew the agitation was building rapidly

“Jeon jungkook,

“Jeon jungkook, As your language teacher and assistant manager-”

“Lecture agin?” He grunts But I continued, “It’s my duty to make sure that you-”

“don’t get Into trouble blah blah, I get it noona” he said in a agitated tone

“Your not much older anyways, and what’s the point? Can’t I have fun?”

glaring at him you said calmly, “You just love making trouble don’t you jungkook?”

He turned his eyes away suddenly as if a little hurt by what you had said

“You don’t even know why...” you heard him mumble

“What was that?” You said as you raised a questionable eyebrow at him

“Nothing!” He snapped suddenly, “your such a airhead noona!”

Caught off guard you stared at him wondering why he suddenly snapped so fiercely

“It’s not like you don’t date guys and like to have fun either!” He sneered

“What the heck jungkook!” I yelled, “my dating life doesn’t concern you!”

“Then nor does mine noona!” He quipped back, “if I can’t then you can’t!”

“What the-” I began to say “And I hate it when you smile every time you get texts!

-like being with me is so annoying! Am I that bad? What do they have that I don’t?!”

You stood there dumbfounded suddenly as you realized what he was saying

Taking a step back you looked at him and thought, “Is he saying he....likes....me?!”

As if he knew what you just asked yourself he then said “I like you.”

You gaped at him wondering how the fuck jungkook started liking a girl like yourself

As if he read your mind again he continued saying,

“Your clueless of how pretty you are, your hard working, your funny, down to earth...smart,

“...sweet, caring, talented, amazing, really nice and...and...really...um..”

He couldn’t seem to finish the last one because he actually started blushing

It took you a moment to get your thoughts together as you quietly said to him,

“I never knew you thought I was pretty....” you felt heat on your cheeks then

Blushing, junkook looked very embarrassed as he nodded

“Your...really pretty.....noona” he whispered

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