Cosmic Requiem
Cosmic Requiem poetry stories

kyrrai just a pessimistic poet
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A poem set in the vast confines of space

Cosmic Requiem

Lost in the dreams of a reality long passed,

I chase the endless sea of glistening stars above,

rebirth just within my grasp.

In my palms rest the essence of light,

Nothing more

Than a construct of physicality,

A form without form,

Just a trail of colors

Threaded through the deceit of a reflection.

With blinding speed does it escape

My clenched fists

Tempting my weary eyes with a coquettish glee.

I stretch to reclaim the radiance

And tread closer to the stars,

Riding on the cosmic dust

Of life once lived long ago.

As I pass through the galaxy,

The light beckons me forward--

Depth of the unknown narrowing as I persevere.

Reaching with both hands open,

I grasp onto the surface of land.

Where my skin meets solid

A wasteland of gas and stone await,

Hope obscuring my eyes from the truth.

Every planet I reach

Is dead

And the light I chase

A shallow imitation

Of a world long forgotten.

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