Wakeful Sleep
Wakeful Sleep anxiety stories
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kyrancorcoran Community member
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Poetic justice? Probably.

Wakeful Sleep

It’s everywhere

In my legs and arms and eyes and ears

The only place it hasn’t infiltrated is my heart

The irony

For the heart is where legend says it sleeps

But my heart still beats, unabashed

Even though my lungs are now filled with lead and refuse to pump

Even though my veins have shriveled and wish to cease

My heart still beats

The only thing keeping me alive

No choice

My heart still beats

Here I lie

Sigh, I’m alive

With a wish for it to reach my heart and have me die

The sun is a disease

A disease that will not kill

Only make suffer

My eyes flick and flutter as I lie

Tears begin to dry

As I slowly die alive.

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