Jump, and Fall
Jump, and Fall self harm stories

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I never understand, why would people jump?

Jump, and Fall

by nightcanary

Tell me. What does it take to jump?

A broken heart? Maybe.

For it is so broken that you don't mind crashing it into pieces.

Or some wrecked emotions? That's more like it.

How else could you look down and not be afraid?

But it definitely takes some cold-bloodedness.

You didn't think about what you're falling to.

To nothingness, to hell. But it's not just about you.

Think about all those you've left behind.

The hearts you'll shatter, the eyes you'll water.

The smiles that'll waver, the promises that'll be broken.

The memories you'll taint. Is it worth it?

No. Never.

So please, never jump. Because you can't take the fall.

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