Thorns of Slumber
Thorns of Slumber fairytale parody stories

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There's two sides to every story...

Thorns of Slumber

A 16 year old girl stood in the middle of the palace grounds. Exactly where he told her to meet him. He hadn't arrived.

The girl tucked a loose strand of her dark hair behind her ear, and stared at the gate, waiting for him.

"Mal?" A deep voice met her ears, causing her heart to leap inside her.

"Peter!" She cried, rushing towards the tall boy. He pulled her into his muscular arms, and she stared into his bright blue eyes. He stared at her lips, and leaned in, lightly kissing them.

Shocked, she stared at him only for a moment, before standing on her tip toes, to kiss him.

Suddenly, a loud voice called out, "INTRUDERS! INTRUDERS!" and many men ran towards them, riding on horses, swords drawn.

"Maleficent!" Peter cried . "Run! I'll hold them off!"

Just then, a guard came galloping towards her, sword drawn, and ready to strike.

"NO!" Peter yelled, throwing himself in between the guard, and the girl.

The sword ran through his stomach, and back out again, blood oozing from the wound.

"PETER!" Maleficent shrieked, running towards him.

"Mal..ef...icent..." He gasped. Tears flowed down her face.

"I'm right here." She sobbed, grasping his hand. ..

"Do... Not... Let my... Death... Be... In vain..." He wheezed. " Run... I... Love you... "And his hand went limp in hers.

She shrieked terribly, and cried, but she turned and ran through the gates.

She reached a spot in the woods, and sat against a tree, weeping...

"You shall be avenged..." She whispered through sobs...

Fifteen Years Later

Hard to believe that same beautiful girl was this dark witch.

Maleficent had grown up, studying magic spells and curses, and, now she was horribly powerful...

Amazing what grief, loneliness, and depression can cause.

Her power had gotten her into a high position, and she was known by the King and Queen

They had just had their first child, Aurora.

The celebration took place, and Maleficent received no invitation.

She showed up at the grand celebration, to set her plan into action.

"My, what an awkward situation.." She chuckled bitterly to the murmers of people saying she wasn't invited for a reason.

"You aren't offended, Your Grace?" The Queen questioned.

"Why, of course not! And to show I hear no ill will, I shall also give this child a gift..." She said, a devious grin sneaking into her face.

"Oh no!" The three fairies cried, trying to block the baby...

"Listen well, all of you! She will indeed grow up in happiness and beauty, but on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!"

" Oh, no!" The Queen cried, clutching the baby tightly.

"Guards!" Called the King , and Maleficent disappeared in flames and smoke...

Sixteen Years Later

The three fairies had taken the child, and hidden her from Maleficent, hoping that it would keep her from the curse.

Not even the girl knew she was the princess

It was her 16th birthday. And the fairies were trying to throw a surprise party for her, so they sent her to go pick berries while they work.

One of Maleficent's minions spotted her, and immediately went to report to her.

As fate would have it, the man she was betrothed to at birth, Prince Phillip, was riding through the forest, and they met.

Immediately, they fell in love. Though, they did not know that they were indeed, meant to be together.

He promised to visit her that night.

Aurora returned to the shack she was staying at, and was indeed surprised.

"Its lovely!" She cried when she saw the gown they had made for her. "For for a princess!" She smiled , twirling around.

"That's what you are!" The fairies chorused. "You're the Princess Aurora!"

She was delighted, but then she remembered the boy she met in the woods, and told them they must prepare for him.

"No, dear! You must marry a prince! You may never see that boy again..."

They made their way back to the palace, and showed her to her room.

She just cried. She couldn't be with the one she loved.

Suddenly, she heard his voice calling to her...

She followed it.

Suddenly, the voice stopped, and she woke up from a dream-like state, to see a women in all black with horns protruding from her head.

"You seem to have been crying." She observated. Aurora nodded.

"Why is that?" Aurora explained , and Maleficent nodded.

"I completely understand..." Suddenly , the voice began again...

"Touch the needle, or I shall die!" His voice pleaded, and she reached out, and pricked her finger onto the needle.

She collapsed.

The fairies raced to find Aurora, and found Maleficent standing over the presumingly dead body.

Hours Later

That boy... It looked so much like Peter, it was too much to bear.

Slowly, her skin became scales, her eyes became those of a reptile's, and her breath was smoke.

Maleficent turned herself to a Dragon, and challenged Phillip.

The fairies tossed him a sword, the same sword the guard had used to kill Peter.

Phillip pulled back, and threw the sword at her chest.

The pain was too much to bear. Soon, she was dead...

Phillip ran to Aurora, trying to find something to help.

A familiar voice filled his head, only this time, softer.

"Kiss her. That always made me alive... " It was undoubtedly Maleficent. Only, whole again...

Phillip leaned in, and kissed her on her lips, her eyelids fluttering...

The Next Week

Church bells sounded, and a happy couple ran down the stairs.

Aurora suddenly stopped.

Glancing at the crowd, she swore she saw a girl with dark hair, and horns standing next to a tall boy.

They were gone. She sighed, supposing it was nothing.

But later that night, she found a note on her bedside.

"I am truly sorry. I solemnly swear to guard your children. May they find true love and happiness." Those were the words written in loopy handwriting.

Unseen, Maleficent smiled, standing beside Peter, watching over Aurora..

And they truly loved happily ever after, the end...

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