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How many times have you fallen? How many times have you been told no?


How many times have you fallen?

How many times have you been told no?

How many times have you cried yourself to sleep?

How many times have you nearly quit on yourself?

How many times has this world disappointed you?

How many,how many, how many,enough is enough.

Let the struggles of today become your foundation for tomorrow. The pain of rejection,disappointment and betrayal,let it become the fuel necessary for advancement.

This fire allow it to burn brightly with doubt,hate and outward negativity as food for your flame.

Throw away your weak and timid exterior,let it be consumed by the flames,the flames of hope,for a brighter future, for a different path.

A world where noes become yeses,where failures become lessons and dreams concocted as a kid can become reality. Although this is easier said than done,your biggest motivator is anger.

Anger at one's own futility,anger at all the times that you heard no,the times that doors were closed without receiving a fair opportunity.

Be angry at the world,for a cluster fuck that it is,trying at every corner to beat you down. RAGE, RAGE,RAGE and change this mess.

You are your own problem, so burn every weakness that there is to the ground. BURN it all down and never let go of this anger because there is hope.

We all have one chance on this earth to make a better life for ourselves. Some of us were dealt bad hands,life isn't fair,this world isn't fair but fight your way out of it.

When it seems like there is nothing left fight,fight,fight. Blessings are given to those most ready to receive it.

Hope for better days,a brighter future, a more fulfilling life,being a better parent whatever it is,the ball is in your court. Hope and love is all we need in a world filled with pain and suffering.

H.O.P.E H- HOW O- OUR P- PAST E- ERUPTS Into our future.

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