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It’s time we started listening to the truth

If anyone sees the potential in this, I’d love to turn it into an animation to spread, true news! Each of us are responsible for the world we live in! Let’s spread the message to each and everyone. We can sort this out!

It’s time we started listening to the truth

Picture earth, a car,

Us looking under the hood,

I wonder, what we might find


The answers to the problems, we’ve long disguised

Plastics filling up our oceans,

How many videos does it take,

To stir some emotion?

Deforestation’s taking away our air,

Yet we go on each day,

Not seeming to care

It’s hard to see the change,

In our day to day lives,

We’re too busy,

Too preoccupied

It’s time we unified as a race,

After all,

It’s the only way,

We can sort out this place

And it all starts with a little change of mind,

If only we’d stop,

And gave ourselves,

Some time.

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