Sailing Love
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Love that set sail, but didn’t last.

Sailing Love

The light within me has been dowsed,

The light within me has been dowsed, hopefully only for a stint of time,

so I sit in loneliness,

so I sit in loneliness, as the darkness tries to consume my mind,

but she didn't mean to tear me apart and slay me from within,

she just gave up on a love she vowed would forever shine,

before our love would ever begin,

no matter where you both go or where you both came from,

set your sails on one ship,

and with faith,


chart a united course,

even through rough waters,

the battering of storms,

It is only there your love can be tested, strengthened,

Even sometimes if it has to be reformed,

true love is forever,

but stormy seas strike fear in the hearts of many,

as you are both pulled away by spoiled comforts and pleasures,

wanting to stay in port,


hurricanes are just as dark,

when they move in and ravage the shores,

And if your love has not been tested and strengthened,

your love cannot overcome this falling world,

it cannot win,

and your love will be damned, forgotten,

Especially if only one of you takes the time to learn how to swim.

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