Non Reality’s Dream

Non Reality’s Dream poem stories

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The dream of many is to be rich, but on the path of attainment it can lead to places one doesn’t really want to go.

Non Reality’s Dream

Standing in the twilight, on the street corner, a bloke,

inhaling a pipe, exhaling polluted breath, puffs of smoke,

female perfume and tobacco residue, fumigates, his white shirt and black business coat,

always wearing expensive clothes, red eyed from the fatigue, he finds relief in his nicotine, because he his haunted, by the secrets that he knows,

chasing the American dream, being led to wherever it goes, it was just a money making scheme, he went down the rabbit hole, losing part of his soul,

corporate heads kept the power, controlling,

no true friends kept him lower, back stabbing,

He saw the two faces, of white supremacy, only providing loyalty, to the corporate entity, the human race, in a rat race, always working, became a millionaire, but never felt like a success,

too demanding,

so he hid in the pleasures of excess, numbing the pain, continually,

getting drunk, every night,

down the drain, his life slowly, spiraling,

had so much to be thankful for, but could never feel the joy,

a beautiful wife, but she just loved his money, a happiness ploy,

of material things, non reality's dream, living a double life, nothing was what it seemed, and couldn't find,

True love,

will always be searching,

never lifted his eyes, could not rise, above,

blinded by temptations, that lead to a bodies demise, hear my voice, happiness and love is a choice, you will find it on a road less traveled by, But if you are continually chasing, pleasures of the flesh, you’ll run and run, to get that high

And can never be satisfied, will eventually only feel less, then lose your sight, Won’t have the ability to focus on what is important and real.

Will miss the certain moments of life, that you were meant to feel.

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