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I love Love

I love Love

I love Love

Because love gives you that special

Feeling of happiness and joy.

Isn't it amazing how a four letter

Word and two vowels can just make

You feel?

Well I wouldn't know.

Yes family says it but it isn't quite the same,

I love Love but have been living with Love Without.

Love without happiness,

Love without constant regret,

Love without rushing in,

Love without being loved enough .

That is what i had

And in the end it became

Love Without someone to


What began with Love Without became Love With.

Love with silence,

Love with one who doesn't love back,

Love with the one who is called Loneliness.

As much as I wanted Love With

I would trade it back for Love Without

But i would change the rules

Instead of love without happiness

I want all the happiness that can manifest before me

No more love without constant regret, because I will not regret bringing this person into my life, rather I will regret not bringing them into my life sooner

And we will love without rushing because we have our whole lives for one another

Finally I will love with enough love to fill the capacity the very space that resides above us

These are the very rules I have set if I want to live with Love Without

And these are the rules I will follow

Because in the end I will not love without someone to love nor will I be in love with Loneliness

I will love the love a special person shares with me

Because I will cherish it,

Nurture it, and never be able to live

Without it.

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