Secrets in the stars
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kv3010 Community member
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I rest my head on the table and think

Secrets in the stars

I rest my head on the table, thinking

What all treasure hide in the world

Or perhaps they don't

But I still think, so to wonder

For there is no cost of wondering.

I read, I study, I think, I eat and I sleep

While there may be apocalypses going on

Or maybe celebrations

In some other universe that I know not of

I think to know and to feel

What all wonders lay hidden.

I go out to look up in the dark of night

All I do is think, think and think

And imagine for there might be wonders

Hidden in those stars and waiting

For their seeker to seek.

I wonder when the secrets of the universe will unfold

For me to discover and wonder

Secrets lie in everything

Hands, eyes and minds.

I think

The stars look very different today

For I might encounter a wonder

Ah, it will come

As I lift my head from the table

I think I finally-

I see.

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