DragonXDragon Vol.1 (Chapter 1)
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More than 30% of earth's population consists of humanoid people called Dragons, who have the ability to control a powerful force called Natural Power. As heroes rise, so do villains, and they they are only getting stronger by the minute...
White is an orphan with no memory of his past. As a Dragon, he attends DXDA, in order to control his awesome power. When he receives his first official mission, he is eager to put his skills to the test.

DragonXDragon Vol.1 (Chapter 1)

Prologue: The Boy Who was Reborn As a God:

Year: 2038

Location: Antarctica

Date: December 25

Time: 7:30 Am

Sirens flared as the facility went into lockdown.

"Subject L and subject D have breached their containment cells!"said a voice over the intercom, "please contain yourselves in a secure area, and do not come out until given permission to do so!"

The sirens got louder. Outside, the sky turned black, ice was cracking beneath the surface. A battle had just occurred a few hours ago.

It was dark outside, and it became harder to see with all of the black smoke that rose from the craters in the snow. Wreckage was burning from the destroyed ships that once sat near the harbor.

Guards and sentries wandered the snowy mess, looking for the missing subjects.

Then, a small human-like figure fell from the sky and into the ocean.

"Over there!", yelled one of the guards, "it fell into the water! Don't let it escape!" The guards ran to the bay, loading onto boats and submarines.

Underneath the surface of the icy water, sunk a child.

Black hair, pale skin, wearing a black altered kamishimo with red flame designs, where the right side exposed the arm, and the right breast.

The other side had no sleeve, but covered his right chest. As the unconscious boy sunk to the bottom of the ocean, a white flash neared him. Then from that flash, glowing red eyes peered at him.

Hungry they were. Then, the creature made of light came into view. It was the spirit of a dragon. But not just any dragon. This was the spirit of a god. The dragon circled its prey.

Then it opened its mouth and reared up, and charged at the boy's chest. Next, the spirit began to enter the child's chest, and into his soul...

The boy's hair started to turn gray, then became white as snow...

The boy still sank, but before he could hit the bottom, a black figure swooped down and grabbed him. The figure took him to the surface, and then swam to the shore of the snowy wasteland.

The man set the boy down in the snow. Then as the boy began to regain consciousness, the man leaned over him.

"Who are you?", the boy asked. He began to open his eyes, and looked up at the man. "I am your uncle", said the man, "my name is Black." This boy's Natural Power is ginormous. But it is flawed.

Demented. It needs to be purified, thought Black.

"Where are we?", asked the boy.

"Don't worry. I'm taking you to a safe place. Now let's go home now....White..."

Chapter 1: White Part 1: Begin

Year: 2044

Date: December 13

Time: 11:41 Pm

Location: Tokyo, Japan

My name is Sasaki White. I am 15. And I'm a Dragon. Dragons are humans who were born with unnatural powers, the abilities of Dragons themselves.

They use a force called "Natural Power" to fight, or to heal themselves, or others. Each natural power is based on a force of nature. Mine is ice. I go to a school called DXD Academy.

Here, Dragons learn to control and master their abilities. Our headmaster, Black, runs this school to ensure that the next generation of future heroes comes to a reality.

About 30% of the world consists of Dragons, but no one knows how they got here. Some believe that God has created more superior beings. Others think it is a mutation in genetic human evolution.

Whatever the real reason is, I'm just glad to be one.

"Get up, Snowman! You still got a hundred more laps to do!", yelled my gym coach, Pink. Her Natural Power is lava, and she's not scared to use it.

Her hair is black, and tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes are a hot pink. She wears a pink turtleneck all the time. I don't think she wears anything else.

As young as she may look, (she looks like a 6th grader on a growth spurt), she's way older than that. That's the thing about Dragons.

They start to age more slowly when they first unleash their powers. I guess I stopped aging when I was ten. I still look like a ten year old. And sound like one, too.

"Jesus, I already did 400!!", I whined.

"Dragons don't tire easily! What are you, a human!? Get your ass up and start pounding that track, Snowman!!" I did what I was told, because if I didn't, she would fry me, literally.

After 4 laps, she finally said, "okay, that's enough! The headmaster wants to see you in his office!"

Thank the gods!, I thought to myself. I went to the locker room to change out. I chugged two bottles of water. Everyone has to belittle me because I have weaker abilities than most Dragons.

For some reason, I feel I might be human. Because I don't have all the same abilities that most Dragons have. For instance, I don't have wings.

Dragons can summon their wings from their backs with Natural Power. I can only do a tail. Plus, I can't summon any horns.

Most Dragons have horns until they hit puberty, then they disappear until you summon them again. I can't even do that right. Another thing is my tiredness.

I could sleep for 13 hours straight, and I'll feel like crap the next morning.

I walked into the hallway up to the elevator. I took it up to the top floor, and then took a right to the headmaster's office, which he almost never comes out of.

I haven't seen him since the first day of school. I knocked on the door, and it creaked open. Really, he left it unlocked?, I thought. "White, took you long enough", said headmaster Black.

I glared at him, "well, if that pink-eyed witch wasn't trying to turn me into Captain America, I would have been here quicker!"

Black didn't seem to hear me. He just kept his eyes on the large computer screen. "I understand your frustration, White, but we have no choice.

You're the best we have, so we need to push you to your limits", said Black. I walked over to his desk. He didn't move. His eyes fixed on the screen.

"Y'know, Black, you never told me why I'm so special."

"You are not just special, White, you are one of the strongest Dragons in Japan", said Black.

"How, exactly? I can barely use my Natural Power! I can only use it for strengthening my body!"

"Exactly. If we could get you to use it more effectively, you can become stronger. You are the son of my big sister, Yui, White. Your father is the most powerful Dragon Slayer in the world.

Two powerful people having an offspring with even more power. If we could find a way to cultivate that power inside you, you could become the strongest Dragon ever."

"Wait... My dad is a Dragon Slayer?", I asked. Dragon Slayers are an organization that takes care of Dragons that lose control, or use their powers for evil.

Most Dragons, (and people), see them as a hate group. Some people admire Dragons, but others see them as monsters and freaks of nature. Basically racism. But wait. Only humans can be Slayers.

Does that mean? I'M ALSO A HUMAN!??

"Yes", said Black, "your father is Satoshi White. I went to school with him once. We hated each other." I saw Black smile, but only for a second.

"Now, the reason you're here is because I have a top secret mission for you", said Black, back to his normal edginess. A top secret mission? I wonder what it could be?, I thought to myself.

This was huge. My first official mission! Not some babysitting crap! Black sat up and began typing on his keyboard. He pulled up a picture of a man with a hood covering his face.

I looked closer, and I saw blood dripping from his hands.

"There is an imposter in our school. I believe he or she is responsible for Brown's death. If only we had more footage, we could possibly put out this murderer.

I need you to find out who it is, and report it back to me. If for any reason, you get caught, fight back, and take him or her out, if you can", said Black.

Brown was Black's secretary and close friend. I can't imagine how he must be feeling right now. I had no one precious to me, because I never had any other family, other than Black.

If he died, I swore to avenge him if he were killed.

"Alright. I'll do it", I said. Black finally looked at me. "I want you to promise me something, White."

"Yeah", I said, "what is it?" Black got up out of his chair and placed his hand on my shoulder. "If you tell anyone about this mission, I'll be expelling you. So don't tell anyone.

Got it?", said Black, tightening his grip on my shoulder. "Kay' got it", I said. Then I started for the door. "Hey, White, before you go, you can take the day off."

It might as well be God saying it! I got on my knees and bowed. "THANK YOU SIR!!"

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