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When love is not enough.... (Haou Airen spin-off)

Love is not enough

"Hakuron, can you marry me?"

His lips are shivering, the pleasure that a seconds ago explode within us are making the cold weather even colder. But I know that is not the only thing that made him shivers.

His eyes are narrowing its orb into mine, a puzzled look. Hurt even. Like he could swear he heard something that was not supposed to be said.

Seeing his eyes, determination awoke in me. I felt that I need to convince him further. But I know that my heart was never enough for him. Never.

So with shaking hands, I take his hands to my face and look at his eyes telling him that I would try my best to be of use to him if he let me by his side. Forever.

His iris shakes. He looks like the waves welcoming the hard wind. He is yielding to me. And that made me so unbearably happy. Almost as if he is mine. Almost as if he >loves me< I am speechless.

My heart sings and my hands just felt an unbearable itch to touch his mouth and explore it further.

I want to be his wife.

A mafia's wife.

A Japanese high school girl who barely makes ends meet loves this beautiful man.

Realization hits.

No matter how much I deny it. I am bargaining more than he could ever reciprocate. And I will never be satisfied. No matter how much I touch him, he will never love me as much as I love him.

He is too broken for it, he will leave me the moment I lay my heart to him.

But what to do? Even if hell swallows my feet, I would still rather kiss him and hold his hand than have heaven and not have him.

As these thoughts swirling inside of my mind, I felt his hands tighten on my shoulder. His once smoldering eyes suddenly turned ice cold.

That was the moment I realized, no we can never have that. My father destroyed his family. He will hate me once he knew about it.

The hate that he buried inside of his heart will burn anew, and his voice at the office rings "I will kill them for what they have done to my mother". He will kill me. And God! I would let him!

I took the glass in front of me and swallow all the content in one gulp. He caught my hand "Did you just said......."

"Forget it Hakuron"

"But you said"

"No. Nothing, Hakuron you are drunk and so am I"

"Kurumi I......"

His dejected look makes me angry. In haste, I took his face and kiss him. Nibbling his lips like I am looking for something in his mouth. Love. I don't know.

I realized that this situation is just too funny that I cannot even cry at it. I do not have the right to love him. Not anymore. When I realized that I am the heir daughter of Miyawa Clan.

Just like that my wish was drowned. And a tear fell from my eyes.

>We can never be together<

>I have to go back Hakuron<

>And once I come back, We will never be the same<


For some reason, her kisses become so sloppy and harsh. But I like it. In fact, it made me feel vigorous and like I can swallow her whole.

But queasy stomach reminded me that she just uttered the words. Oh, and how real they were!

>Hakuron, can you marry me?<

She finally said those forbidden words first. I thought I will hate it the moment I heard it. But something felt alive in me seconds later and I just do not know what to say. I am happy.

Happy that she said it. Happy that she even thinks about it. Happy that she said those words to me.

But a slow and painful realization swirl inside of me. I am not just a man named Liao Zhen. I am a Dragon Clan's Leader Hakuron. And she is asking for a death curse.

And more than any of those painful times when I almost died, bloody and battered, I felt a hot and white fear of death. My death. And more than that.

Her death.

If she is with me, she will die.

And it will be worst than death.

And so I have to tell her, that she has to go away. That these thoughts are dangerous. For her, but more so, for me.

I am afraid that I will be selfish and have the courage to make her mine in that holy vow. So sure of my ability to protect her. And that will be a lie. A sweet and painful lie.

With my bloody hands, I knew that soon those blood will be hers on my hand because karma will want to run me over.

"Did you just say...."

"Forget it Hakuron"

"But you said"

"No. Nothing, Hakuron you are drunk and so am I"

No! You asked me to marry you right. It means you love me right. You want to spend the rest of your life with me?!

"Kurumi I......"

She did not let me finish my words. Her lips nibbling mine. And I was lost.

But as we fall together. I realize the queasiness in my stomach will be my darkest nightmare in the future.


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