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A few thoughts on today's music industry and social media

Dope AF.

OMG I love that shirt, are you in a band? I’m sure to be your #1 fan. I’ve got heaps of money and I’ll share it with you if you lend me a song or two.

All the kids love rock these days you’ll all be a huge it. Or as the kiddos would say your music is Lit.

Views… Where are all yours views? Where is your Soundcloud and Bandcamp? Where is your Twitter and Skype? You must have known by now that your music was all about creating hype.

So where are all your likes, why aren’t you trending? If you don’t make it big soon, I can see our relationship ending.

FFS, enough you are trash. Your lyrics don’t rhyme and you have no beat. I guess that means no dollars will fall at my feet.

Your name is irrelevant and they don’t care if you can play real chords because in their eyes you are still a total bore.

Your swag is off and your face is off fleek, you are all nothing more than alternative reject freaks.

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