Coffee o clock.
Coffee o clock. short story stories
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kurtk1 Man of poetry and expression
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A short story about a man and his favourite coffee cup

Coffee o clock.

Rudely awoken at eight in the morning by the old fool down the street.

Who makes such a horrid sound? The ringing and banging inside of my brain feels like a jack hammer thrashing into the ground. One quick look outside of the window and I quickly turn away.

The blazing rays from the sun remind me that it is now light of day. Staggering back to the end of my bed I think to myself, where is my damn coffee cup?

Where is it? I need my morning cup of joe. This blasted headache won’t cure itself. Nothing better than a hot caffeine kick in the morning to take away all the shame from last night.

Beers? Who had 10 frosty cold one’s last night? Not me. Late night snack? What do you man? Who had a double quarter pounder with fries and a coke? Not me.

Bar? Nope wasn’t me who got shot down at that shady club last night. With caffeine it’s like a memory eraser. You can keep all the stuff you want to remember and then its to hell with the rest.

Well here goes nothing. I stand up on my own two feet which feel cemented to the floor by dry ice. I slowly stagger towards the door pulling myself up for support on the handle.

Then I remember... My beloved gem left downstairs in the dishwasher. It was just sitting there. Looking pretty. Waiting for me to fill it up with my arabica holy water.

Slowly making my way down an old flight of stairs where each seasoned piece of pine could give way at any second, I cautiously work my way towards the bottom. 1 foot. 2 foot. 1 foot. 2 foot.

1 fooooooooot. Damn it!! Blasted steps!! After composing myself I make my way down the last few steps and towards a slightly messy kitchen which looks like a bomb has hit.

I grab my treasured cup, fix myself a cup of instant coffee and sit my aching body down.

Oh, caffeine you are my best friend. Best friend for ever and ever.

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