Angelic Snowflake.
Angelic Snowflake. winter stories

kurtk1 Man of poetry and expression
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A fallen snowflake from the heavens above

Angelic Snowflake.

Snowflakes slowly disintegrating on the ground. Another holy rain drop. Another crashing clover beauty that will soon be nothing more than liquid. Then you fall from the sky.

A snow flake set apart from all the others by your light and innocence. A true angel of all snowflakes. An angelic snowflake.

Heavenly rainbow stones fashioned from the stars gaze back at me as every conversation grows deeper with each passing second. Nothing feels forced. Nothing out of place. Just pure serenity.

That smile never fades. Day or night. Hot or cold. A smile and a light glance make my problems seems so minuscule.

Tears that stream down your face, just seem unnecessary and out of place. A bright smile lights up the from and drowns out this hollow winter gloom.

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