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"Well, chibi-chan, breakfast can wait right?"

Little Moments

{Kuroo x reader}

~Chapter 1//Bathrobe~


The pain in your head is what woke you up.

Not the forehead kisses from your boyfriend as he rushed to his meeting or the sweet whispers that said he'd join you for breakfast on the balcony,

but your hangover from drinking too much last night.

What time is it?

You reached out to check your phone.

"Ah, it's only 9:50...WAIT!"

You threw off your covers in a rush to get out of bed but instead, you fell flat on your face.


You clicked your tongue and ran towards the mirror.

After observing yourself, you concluded that you could not turn up to work in your clothes from the night before even if it meant that you'd be at least thirty minutes late.

While grabbing some clothes, you finally take note of your surroundings.

Wait, this isn't my room.

You noticed that there was a kingsized bed, a flatscreen T.V and a door to a balcony.

Then it all came back.

Oh yeah...

You were accompanying your boyfriend to Seoul for his business meeting. He had convinced you that this was a perfect opportunity to take a break from work for a while.

Though you were reluctant, thinking that you'd intrude with his work, he reassured you that his meeting was early in the morning and that he'd be free after.

Thus, you took a week off of work to go to Korea with your boyfriend.

You immediately relaxed.

Deciding to take a shower to freshen up, you grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom.

Before entering, you noticed a bathrobe on your boyfriend's suitcase. You picked it up and held it in front of you.

Anyone could see that it was clearly three times too big for you but you decided to take it with you to the shower.

After a nice, long shower. You wore the bathrobe and proceeded to dry your hair. Exiting the bathroom, you stood in front of the wall mirror in your hotel room and just admired yourself.

The robe was clearly too big for you. It touched your toes and it was so wide you were sure you could fit at least one pillow in.

It smells like him. You thought with a smile on your face.

You were so lost in thought that you didn't hear the door open.

"Y/N I'm back. Sorry, the meeting took longer than expected. You wanna have breakfa- What the..."

You snapped your head towards the door.

There stood the former Nekoma captain with his kind of tamed bed hair. He was holding his coat in one hand and his bag in the other.

His hazel eyes were in complete shock and it didn't take you long to realize that it was because you were in his bathrobe.

You both stayed like that for about a minute, just staring blankly at each other. You could see a blush slowly form on his face.

He seemed to notice that he was staring and quickly looked away, covering his face.

He slowly looked back at you, who was still in the same pose.

"Uh, wha-what're you doing?"

It took you a minute to hear his voice, still in shock of being caught. You slowly turned so your body was facing him, head down in embarrassment.

"I just- I wanted to try on a bathrobe..."

You were met with silence.

Checking to see if he had heard what you said, you slowly looked up only to be met with a pair of hungry eyes.

You shivered under his stare.

He slowly looked you up and down and smirked.

"Well, chibi-chan, breakfast can wait right?"


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