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Self Love

Hot Chocolate.

you slither into my mind

when im stargazing on my terrace

i smile at the beauty

you've grown

to become,

the penguins on television

remind of how adorable you

can be,

the smell of freshly bakes cookies

and the polka dotted straw in

my chocolate milkshake at the diner

that are ever so heavenly

remind of the warmth and affection

youre so full of,

the coziness of the blue blanket

on a winter morning

remind me of how comfortable

i feel around you


my hearts swells watching you dance

to that hideous love song

you favour so much,

the smile on your face

which has grown to be now

fills me with pride

of how far you've come,

i dont see the scars

as ugly anymore

the lack of presence

of a stereotype bikini body

doesn't bother me anymore

the unshaved hair

and the unkept braid

only makes me feel more

familiar and homely,

yes honey,

i have been talking about the reflection

i see,

right there,

in the mirror youre facing

i love you for who you've become.

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