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I was really shy to write and I was really happy to find usepencil ... I do not know how to start ten years of entrepreneurship with a simple concept, but I vigorously know what´s happened and I called security mercantile agency for commercial activities but it was like this....

I was working at the bank and studying law, simultaneously, but it was enough for my hungry heart... it was just a light in my spectrum a simple way to use our languages but it was my ideapreneurial soul.

1. What Do I want to do with?

This key question is a psychological one, could give you a response that conditions your entire life so you must be 100% honest with yourself and then you would be ready to set up what you want. I just wanted to launch my own trademark within a very specialized consulting arena. Wow!!! that is a small fish for a very big hungry fishers... but I wanted to do with ethic, moderation, self-respect, all these paradigms that make sense to me doing business. Perhaps it is the current world or perhaps it is just a matter of doing something really better than anybody else or simply with a distinguished method or just simply give our contacts our best to become clients. I didn't care at the very beginning but I was following my instincts to the end.
That was really the setting or a configuration mode whereby anyone realise that is alone with the universe and then I wanted to connect all these stars out there and make them brightening.

2. Why can I be happy?

Paramount question to start, if you are not going to be happy better purchase a pup and mislead your happiness with other facts around your life. I decided yes.... I can. It is the first stage of consciousness it is the sense and sensibility of the project you are going to start. I was happy with investigations about the law, generally, I don´t care what????.... within the commercial and mercantile law and Internationally. I was really happy reading and spreading my mind into the interpretation, the analysis and the consequences about articles and articles in many jurisdictions.... and I am indeed happiest when I have the feeling that a trademark although has not got juridical personality It has got by notoriety a kind of disguise about juridical personality and that is the key factor to be happy probing and investigating the market with it.

3. What kind of resilience can I be able to support?

At the beginning, I did not pay attention to anything except my trademark but as long as the time was running I was loosing the contact with my friends and people came in and out very quickly so I could not have time to understand where I was. Then I had started to travel a lot and the trademark was been supported by expenses to experiment business on real time. But after ten years I have really discovered what resilience means. I do not know why I didn´t realise of it but now... I do realise.

4. How can a Trademark give to me the appropriate ventures?

First of all, it is necessary to make an exercise of what is a trademark because it will be your extension for a moment in business. So it is very important for me interpretation as well as secrecy. There are too many fishers over there. So I decided to create a trademark to give a signal about contents... nowadays blockchain gave me the rest but not all; therefore, I decided to make a trademark and protect the trade secrets of those who believe with resilience following instinctively a battle with the world into and idyllic elixir who drives you crazy but it is your trademark a distinctive signal that something is protected all over is stamped.

True Story

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