After listening K's plan all laughed and officer said "come on K get well soon and back to work again".
DETECTIVE K (story -2 : part 1) fiction stories

kunalsingh I have written a detective story series
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it is the plan he made to win

After listening K's plan all laughed and officer said "come on K get well soon and back to work again".

DETECTIVE K (story -2 : part 2)

For 5 minutes there was silence in the room and then rodger said "tell me everything now" in an angry tone.

K started telling "before I came to here I was once been to London with my family , my brother, sister and parents, this was the place from where everything begun .

A man named Thomas castle told me and my brother that we can find a good work there ,as we got stuck in London after our goods are stolen.

For 2 months we work for him in his coffee factory and one day me and brother found a dead body of a man in the factory, we got afraid and acted like we saw nothing ,

but Thomas saw us in the camera.

We click the photograph and send it to carrie reeves who was a friend of my brother ,as Thomas get to know these things ,he kidnapped us and he killed my brother but however I got chance to run.

I ran for days and get to the military base ,where I was safe. After 3 days I found my brother's body written on his chest 20".

Rodger and K got emotional by listening this.

Rodger said "I am sorry for that K".

"now I just want licence for investigation which I get from the killing of Andrew castle who was thomas's brother as well as business partner" said K.

"I am going to shoot him myself".

Rodger asked "so now what is your plan K because now he is coming for you after carrie".

K said "plan was this only ,as he got the news of his brother death he will come for me but he cannot kill me, because I had one thing that he want from me".

"and what is that".

K answered "his buisness papers signed by his brother ,if I apply these papers then I will be the 50% holder of his property,

as well as a pen drive in which there is the list of man he killed and evidences".

Rodger asked that where are the evidence but k do not tell him.

K went away from the hostel.

At night there was a birthday party of Adam so rodger and k were in the party but yaney was at the flat as she was upset on her brother's death.

Rodger was dancing and drinking but k was sitting in a chair and thinking. He asked Rachel(best friend of yaney) " where is yaney".

Rachel answered that she has not come ,she is at her flat.

K made a phone call but her phone was switched off.

He stand and ran outside took the bike drove it to the flat ,as fast as he can.

He banged the door and found yaney sitting in his brother's chair.

K took the breath of relief and said "you are not safe here yaney ,come with me you will be safe with me".

Yaney was not ready to go ,as she do not know what is happening , she refused ".

As k was making her understand what is happening ,a bang is heard (it was the sound of gun shot).

K shouted "run" and they both ran from the back door of the flat. K told her "take the bike, go to the party and tell rodger and police to check there phone".

Yaney knows how to ride bike. So she went to police and said them to come with her then she went to rodger who was drunk.

K running down the road saw Thomas coming in his car and smashed k with his car. His men took k in the car and took him to a dark, place.

They beat him and then Thomas entered the room laughing and saying "hello k, do you know we found the pendrive and the files in the flat of yaney,".

Then he laughed and says his men to continue to beat k.

Yaney went to party ,she saw rodger drunk ,she helped him to stand and told the whole story what happened. Rodger took his phone and checked .

There was a message from K , he shared his live location.

They gave the location of k to police and got on the bike and went to the location.

Rodger took his gun as for safety.

here Thomas shot K on his stomach and were going to leave but police and rodger came and started the firing. Rodger got his way to inside the house ,from his window.

He saw K lying and blood flowing from his stomach.

He in his drunk situation went to k hold the wound tightly.

As there was firing all the way rodger called the ambulance and took K from the back door of the house to the ambulance.

After k was in the ambulance he went to the building from where a sniper was firing. He got to the roof and shot the snipper.

He took the snipper's gun and shot Thomas castle in his head. After he shot him police took control over the men of Thomas and arrested them.

Then after 2 weeks K become conscious and get able to speak.

Rodger, yaney and officer evans came to see him. He was just smiling as if nothing had happened.

Rodger asked him "k ,there was nothing in the pendrive and the files, what that means".

K smiled and answered " there was nothing like papers or pendrive.

It was just to make Thomas to come to me, and I said you about the papers because in my room he has installed microphone and he was listening whatever I spoke,

so I did not tell this plan to anybody. I thought you will come earlier then he shoots me but no worry, we got the most serial killer".

Yaney says "this means you knew that Thomas will come to the flat for evidences".

After listening K's plan all laughed and officer said "come on K get well soon and back to work again".

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