2nd part "THE RISE OF DETECTIVE K" crime stories

kunalsingh I have written a detective story series
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It is the second part of my story detective....


After saying to rodger K ran toward the door. K says rodger to go down and to see the dead body and k himself went upstairs and found that the door of the roof was locked from inside.

He then ran down toward rodger . he found rodger standing in front of the lift waiting for the lift .k says"what are you fucking doing here""get down from the stairs if lift is not working".

They ran by stairs down and saw the body.

He was a man wearing white coat and white pant he was drunk as alcohol can be smell from his mouth.

Yaney called police.

While police was on there way k told rodger to get a inch tape. Rodger ran to get a inch tape and hand it to k.

K measures the distance between the body and to the wall of the flat and smiles slightly.

Police came to the scene.

Police man named Evan green says to his colleague that "it's a kind of suicide, the man is runk and jump from the roof in order t kill himself"..

Suddenly in low voice K says "its not a suicide it's a murder".

Officer Evan saw k sitting and ask"who are you,and how do you know that its not a suicide".

K says "its direct the door of the roof was locked inside then how this man got his way to the roof and if he jump from the roof he should fall nearer to the wall of the flat not 5m apart

from the wall".

Officer evan says "that mean someone pushed him from the roof".

K says "offcourse officer"

K then introduce himself that by saying"my name is K and I am a student and want to become a private detective but not getting liscence because of his less age according to the criteria".

Officer asked him to help in this case because he found K as very intelligent and he promises him that if k helps to solve this case then he will get him the liscence".

K thanked officer evan ad went to his room with rodger.

Rodger asked K while riding the bike"how are you going to solve this case"

K answered "I don't know but we will solve it"..

An officer asked officer Evans "sir,why you make this boy in the case".

Officer Evans answered "this is a rise of detective K and we should make this intelligent man rise".....

To be continued.....

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