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1.What's Reflected Hey you know how your reflection is just there?

Stories Meant For The Grave

1.What's Reflected

Hey you know how your reflection is just there?

I mean don't get me wrong it's supposed to be there it's your reflection after all, but the way it looks and copies everything you do just in reverse doesn't it make you think.

Who is copying who? Are we doing what it's doing or is it doing what we're doing? That question even now leaves me unsure.

As for why I ask you this question, would you mind listening to my story. Like every other day I woke up in the middle of the night getting ready to walk to the bathroom.

The way my bathroom is setup is that there are two doors leading to the bathroom, one connected to my room and the other in the loft.

Two sinks on one long counter and a huge mirror to see yourself. The toilet and bath is at the back of the bathroom. There was also a door for that room for privacy.

Just like always I would head straight towards the toilet to relieve myself and when everything was done I would close the door and wash my hands. That said tonight was somewhat strange.

I couldn't place my hand on it, but there was something wrong. In particular it was the mirror in the bathroom. I look at it for the longest time wondering why it looked so strange.

I see the bathroom just perfectly. The floor was fine too. Everything was there, but then it hit me where is my reflection? It was gone nowhere to be seen as if it never existed.

I tried to pinch myself awake, spin around, and walk in and out of the bathroom yet nothing was there. I kind of freaked out a bit.

So much so that I just ran out the bathroom without turning off the lights. I was scared. I mean why wasn't my reflection there.

I checked my neck for bites nothing there so I didn't believe I became a vampire. Is my reflection maybe out in this side of the world.

My heart thumped faster the more I thought of what the scenario could be.

Finally not being able to take it I walked towards the bathroom opening the door very slowly then walked inside hoping to see myself there, but no it was still non-existent.

I kept looking at the mirror hoping there would be a sign or something, but nothing everything looked perfectly fine minus my reflection.

Yet after looking at the mirror for so long I felt that something was off. I didn't know why it felt so weird, but it felt like it was wrong somehow.

Then I noticed the reflection of the closed door where the toilet and bath was. There was something strange under the door. I saw a strange liquid there.

It looked reddish black yet when I looked at the door in my bathroom it looked completely fine, no strange liquid there.

Then a question appeared in my mind: what would happen if I opened the door from my side it should open there too right?

As I walked to the door I started to slowly open it while keeping my eyes on the mirror. It always made a creaking noise, but tonight it sounded much creepier than usual.

Finally opened I saw something I would never forget. I saw myself slumped on the bathroom floor face in the toilet blood coming off my reflection's wrist.

At that moment I felt as if I was suffocating. My heart was beating like crazy. That impossible this can't be happening.

I kept telling myself that as if everything would change or maybe I would wake up, but no. The situation stayed the same. I closed the door, turned off the light, and then went to bed.

As if my mind and body were trying to deny what happened my eyes grew heavy and fell asleep. The next morning my siblings were getting ready for school brushing their teeth.

Everything was fine, their reflection was also brushing their teeth. I just stood outside the bathroom and waited for them to finish.

At first I wanted to show them what happened to me last night. Yet the fear of them seeing me with no reflection scared me. What if they think I am a monster or worse.

Honestly now that I think about it. I probably didn't want them to see my reflection. Then when they left I checked the bathroom.

My reflection was still gone, but when I looked at the door in the reflection there was no red liquid under the door and when I opened it.

It just showed the toilet nothing was there so I closed the door. I went to school and avoided any place that would have mirrors or things that would show my reflection.

After school ended I did my homework, ate dinner, and then went to bed. Though I couldn't sleep my only thought was my dead body slumped on that bathroom floor.

You see what scared me wasn't the fact that my reflection was dead, but how it died.

I was depressed that day in the bathroom wanting to slit my wrist, but when I thought of my family and friends I decided to give up on killing myself.

At least that is what "I" decided so I ask who's copying who is it them or us?

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