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3.A Crawling feeling Hey haven't you felt a weird feeling like bugs crawling on your skin?

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3.A Crawling feeling

Hey haven't you felt a weird feeling like bugs crawling on your skin?

I have many times and still to this day, but when you try to see what is crawling on you it's just your hair or maybe something brushing on your skin.

Then you just feel stupid that your imagination got the better of you. Sadly I can't think that way anymore. I wish I can go back to that ignorant time, but I know that it is impossible now.

If you wish to stay ignorant of this then don't read after all just because you can know something doesn't mean you should. Alright that was your warning now here my story. It was a sunny day.

I was in my apartment trying to fan myself from this summer heat.

I hated it when I got sweaty not just because it felt sticky, but because when it slid down your skin it would feel as if something was crawling my skin.

It would drive me crazy just how weird the feeling was. I also hated my long hair. It would brush up all over my neck and I would swat at it thinking it was a fly only slap my neck.

My body hair didn't help since whenever it was windy I could feel it on my skin. Weird considering how small they are you wouldn't even notice them if you didn't squint your eyes.

As this sunny day continued my body began to sweat like crazy so I tried to wipe myself, but more sweat would replace it soon after. Suffice to say I was miserable.

Just when I tried to calm myself down I had another weird crawling feeling on my arm specifically near my elbow. I ignored at first thinking it was just sweat or hair on my arm.

Yet the feeling didn't stop. It slid down my arm thinking it was sweat because of how wet it was feeling. Actually I could still feel it near my elbow.

I tried to wipe it away, but this feeling started to feel even weirder. My sweat started to go up my arm huh? As I thought this my mind went straight to bug.

I was wearing a long sleeve shirt so I rolled up my sleeves. Searching for the bug I found nothing just my arm hair yet why do I still feel something crawling up my arm. I could feel it move.

It felt like a centipede only if it's legs were as hairy as a spider. Instead of this weird crawling feeling going all the up to my arm it would go back down near my elbow.

This caused me to thoroughly check my arm, but still nothing feeling complete disgust for this skidder skadder feeling I slapped my arm hard where I felt it between my elbow and shoulder.

It stopped and I felt great relief after that. Then looking at my hand to see if the culprit was there, but I saw nothing and my arm didn't have any blood on it either.

Just when I thought I was imagining it something on my hand started to move that familiar crawling feeling.

I saw my skin peeling off my hand or to be exact something that looked like skin peeling off. Under its skin-like body was these hairy tiny legs.

They moved erratically, its body twisting and turning. I threw it across the room in fear. If you saw me throwing it you think I tossed my peeling skin, but it was anything but skin.

The moment it landed on the floor it crawled so fast to a hole in the wall. At the same time my whole body shivered not just from seeing that weird bug, but also this crawling feeling.

As if my skin was coming off my body all the bugs peeled off my skin and ran towards the hole. I was processing what just happened, but when I woke up from my stupor I ran towards my bathroom.

My skin was still there. I sighed in relief then I got everything I had packed my bag called a friend and left.

The same day I called the exterminator about the hole in my wall I didn't say anything about skin like bugs. They might think I am crazy.

A few hours later the exterminator said they found a couple of cockroaches and a dead mouse.

He said I was lucky since there weren't that many, but I knew I wasn't because I saw the skin like bugs there had to be at least 50 or maybe a hundred of em. Yet I kept my mouth closed.

I called the landlord and told him I would be moving out. I would pay him whatever I owed him this month.

My friend let me stay until I found a new place, but on the same day I left that place my friend told me something horrifying. He asked if my elbow was alright.

I looked at where his eyes were looking and saw my sleeve was turning red. I rolled my sleeve and my friend's eyes bulged out as we saw a piece of my skin. All there was is muscle.

It was the size of the bug I slapped.

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