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2.I thought I saw a shadow Hello my name is Jamie you see I have a story I wanted to share with anyone who reads this.

Stories Meant For The Grave

2.I thought I saw a shadow

Hello my name is Jamie you see I have a story I wanted to share with anyone who reads this.

I wanted to tell you about this game me and my friends play and hopefully maybe you and your friends won't make the mistake of playing it like I did or at least avoid "it".

To know my story you need to know a little about me. I live in a small town nowhere important.

At least no map can find where the town is, but that beside the point I have a twin brother named Ray.

We were both ten that year and he and I would play together with our friends in this small little place.

Think of it like a park if you will except with a lot of weeds and bushes and some trees here and there. It was full of hiding spots we could use, but the target of this game was not the person.

It was their shadow that we needed to catch. It was called shadow tag. We would all find places to hide and make our shadows as small as possible.

Today was a good day to play shadow tag because the sun was high up and no clouds what so ever was blocking it.

I was it and I had to count to forty since there are so many good hiding places to choose from. When I finally counted to forty I searched the place for any shadows or people to spot.

Sadly there was no luck. It seemed that they found some good spots, maybe they're all huddled up in one spot again.

That when I noticed a shadow it looked like it extended from the side of the tree.

I smiled thinking that the person probably didn't notice his shadow moved so I slowly walked right next to the shadow then raised my foot ready to stomp. Then bam my foot fell on the shadow.

I yelled tag I got ya you idiot, but something didn't feel right my foot felt as if it stepped on something. When I looked down to see if it was a bug my body froze.

The shadow eyes were open and it was looking at me. I backed away from the shadow, but it still looked at me and I felt as if it was trying to burn holes through me with its eyes.

Then suddenly a huge shadow covered the thing looking at me.

I looked up to see a cloud had passed and it was starting to get cloudy so I started to run the opposite direction of the weird shadow.

That when my friends and brother saw me running towards them. Thinking I saw them they came out seeing as I unintentionally stepped in their shadows.

They were all thinking how they found a good spot and how it sucked that I found them laughing about the experience. Yet they notice how out of breath I was and ask if I was alright.

I thought of telling them what I saw, but decided that no would believe me and said nothing.

My brother looked up and saw how it was really starting to get cloudy so we decided to end the game early and go home since it looked like it would rain soon.

Later that night in bed I couldn't sleep so I just laid there in bed thinking about what I just saw out there a shadow with eyes.

I shivered when I remembered how angry its eyes looked when it looked at me and it didn't help that there was lightning.

I wanted to forget, but then I heard a creaking noise of someone going upstairs. I got up from bed and went to my door. It was slightly left ajar since I was scared to be alone.

This way if anything happened I could call mom and dad to save me. At least that was how I thought back then.

Anyway I peeked wondering if my brother got a midnight snack or maybe dad and mom were going back to their room after getting something downstairs.

What I saw wasn't any of them to be precise I saw no one going upstairs, but I could still hear someone coming up slowly.

Just then A loud thunder clap came and the whole hallway was lit up by lightning and that's when I saw it. The Shadow with eyes.

Another loud boom came and I could see it walking upstairs, but not the one built in the house. It was their shadow that the creature was walking on.

As lightning kept striking every few seconds I could see it get closer and closer and closer. Fear consumed me as I sat there not even breathing as it continued to climb the stairs.

Then finally just as it was about to walk its last step a door opened it was my brother's room. He walked out and yawned, scratching his head as he went to the bathroom.

Ray opened the door, turned on the light, walked in and closed the door. I could kind of see the shadow thanks to the light from the bathroom. It stared at the bathroom with malice.

At that moment I knew why it came here and why it looked at the door with such hate. It was angry that I stepped on it and wanted revenge. Then the shadow went in the bathroom.

I stood there not even moving. Nothing in my head was working. I told myself that I needed to move, get up or something, but I didn't even move. I just sat there waiting.

Then the bathroom light flickered for a second and I regained some type of function in my brain. I looked at the clock and noticed I have been waiting behind the door for an hour.

I stood up, got my flashlight and my wooden bat. I Opened the door and slowly walked towards the bathroom.

After a moment I finally got up the courage to open the door and quickly pushed it open.

At the time I thought that maybe as long as it doesn't touch my shadow then maybe I could hurt using the light or use the shadow of my bat to hit it.

Yet what I saw made me realize that was a foolish idea as I dropped my flashlight and bat. I saw my brother contorted and mangled in the most painful way.

Bone sticking out of places I am not even sure where. His head twisted upside down and his eyes were only sockets.

He was tied up like a bow on the shower rack, his face in complete horror of what must be in his final moments of seeing the creature.

I fell on my butt brain stopped processing what happened, tears falling down. All I could think was that it was my fault it was my fault it was my fault.

My dad opened the door when he heard the loud thump in the hallway he was holding a gun mom right behind him.

He looked at me asking what happened all I could do was point shakenly at the bathroom. When he took a look my father fell to his knees as he saw Ray.

Mom also saw his mangled corpse and her eyes went blank after that everything was a blur. It was all happening too fast.

The police asked us questions and the town went on full alert for the next few years. My brother's funeral happened with mom crying non stop with dad and relatives and friends of my brother.

I looked at Ray's casket with guilt. It wanted me yet it took my brother because we looked alike. Life after that was never the same. I couldn't go outside.

I didn't even want to play shadow tag and any shadows I saw I showed fear and made sure to never step on them no matter what.

Even when my parents took me to therapy it didn't help with this overwhelming fear and guilt I felt. Now I get home schooled staying in my room all day.

All I could say whenever I think of that incident is that whatever that was it was definitely no shadow. No shadow could do something like that to my brother.

If you read this story all the way through I hope that you don't play this game or at least make sure it's your friend's shadow that you choose to step on.

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