Hot Cocoa (Tsukishima Kei x Reader)
Hot Cocoa (Tsukishima Kei x Reader)  romance stories

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It's that time of the year again when hot cocoa and romance go hand in hand again! It all starts when you drag you blonde and stingy boyfriend to your favourite cafe...

Hot Cocoa (Tsukishima Kei x Reader)

“KEICCHI!!!” You yell out to the tall blonde from across the court. You jump onto your boyfriend’s back, making him fall over.

Tsukishima wasn’t happy that you did that, especially since he was worried (although he won’t admit it to anybody) about your sprained ankle that you got from basketball because your brother Kise was being as mean as always and pushed you too hard.

“Oi, you shouldn’t be doing that with that useless ankle, baka. You might get hurt even more than your sorry ass could take.” He said as he grabbed your crutches from the floor and helped you up. You pout at his frown, making him slightly blush at your cuteness. “Fine, but only since you said that.”

The Karasuno High volleyball team was just cleaning up the gym because club practice had already ended like this was a natural daily occurrence.

Truthfully, it was more like a weekly thing when Tsukishima’s girlfriend would tackle him in the middle of their cleaning session to drag him off somewhere.

Most likely it was to a sweet shop or a café nearby to fix your sugar craving. You blame Murasakibaracchi for that. Why does your brother have such weird friends that influence you?

Speaking of which, today you were dragging Tsukishima to the nearest café where they were having a student’s discount on all the Christmas goodies from last week, seeing that Christmas ended two days ago.

It was still pretty cold, but you had rushed over here after checking in with the school nurse about your injury so you had no time to get a scarf from the few winter accessories you left in your locker.

You breathe into your hands, trying to warm up. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Tsukishima, and he wraps the scarf that you gave him for his birthday in September.

You smile warmly at your boyfriend’s action because you knew he loved you even though he teased you every single day, ignored you, and even upturned your actions to get closer to him.

“Tch,” he looked away, a bright red blush finding its way onto his face. Why did you have to be so damn cute…

Both of you were walking out of the school grounds shoulder to shoulder so that you could share the scarf. Funnily enough, Tsukishima didn’t try and make fun of you again like usual.

Although you pondered on it, you couldn’t think of any reason why he wasn’t, so you decided to let him be. And it was nice for a change that you weren’t teasing him.

Little did you know that he wasn’t talking to you, or even looking at you directly because he was trying to play the role of the “cool boyfriend”.

In reality, he was a blushing mess who didn’t want you to see him in that state.

This was most of the trip to the café, a comfortable silence together. When you got inside, he immediately took the scarf off both of you and tucked it in his bag.

It was extremely embarrassing for him to be seen on the streets like that, he didn’t want to continue it because he is the biggest tsundere known to Haikyuu

You walk up to the counter, your flustered boyfriend trailing behind you. While you ordered two hot cocoas for dining inside, the barista started to check you out.

When you looked up from your wallet, he gave you a flirtatious smile which you replied with a confused but polite one.

Tsukishima saw what was happening and didn’t like it one bit. He strode over and wrapped his arms around your waist.

He tucked his head into the crook of your neck, leaving you looking like a red tomato.

“Let's go drink it somewhere else. I don’t like it here.” He mumbled into your neck, his breath brushing against your skin, leaving you as a stuttering mess.

“Y-yeah s-sure K-keicchi!!!” Your boyfriend didn’t usually do things like this, saying it was too “lame and stupid”. But here he was, hugging you from behind in front of the whole café.

While you were blushing like a strawberry, he shot a look at the barista.

Try and make one more move on my girlfriend and I’ll rip you to pieces, take you to hell, personally torture you, and then repeat the process a thousand times.

The barista decided he valued his life over a cute stranger, so he made sure you got your hot cocoa extra fast and even made sure to half the already cut-down price.

Once you and Tsukishima got your hot beverages, Tsukishima grabbed you by the hand and dragged you out of the café and into the now slightly snowing street.

He wanted to get you as far away from the flirty barista as possible.

He got his scarf out without a word and placed it around your shoulders. You noticed this and was worried your boyfriend would catch a cold.

“Hey! What about you? You’re going to get a cold!” You started to wrap part of the scarf around him as well.

He tried to resist at first, but then stopped struggling when you sent him a look that said ‘Let me do this or I will kick your ass later.

’ He gave you a pout, annoyed that you were so persistent, which you found really cute and funny.

You giggled, and then you sipped the hot cocoa that you held with both of your hands.

When you turned your focus back to Tsukishima, you had a little tuft of whipped cream on the tip of your nose.

Your boyfriend snickered at you, and you didn’t know why. “What’s wrong?” You ask him, completely oblivious to the piece of food on the tip of your nose.

He saw this as the perfect opportunity to tease you again. He leaned in closer. “There's just something on your face. Let me wipe it off for you.”

He licked the whipped cream off the tip of your nose, and instantly, your face bursts into fifty shades of red. “…W-WHAT??!!” He smirks at your reaction, and it’s your turn to pout at him.

He blushes slightly and looks away from you. “Let's just go already, ok?” You smile at him, knowing what he was trying to do and you found it cute.

“Yup! I want to go watch a movie when we get to your house!” You and Tsukishima were neighbours, and usually had sleepovers at each others’ houses. Today, you were going to Tsukishima’s house.

“(Y/N), we have to study first. We have a test tomorrow, remember?”

You just grin at that. Nothing was going to spoil your mood, not even Tsukishima’s stingy attitude. Plus, you were with Tsukishima, it’ll still be fun for you since he was there.

“Then, let’s go study when we get there!” He huffs, annoyed at your happy-go-lucky attitude that you got from your cousin, Lev Haiba, in Tokyo.

You grab his free hand and run along the streets to his house. He smiles at your actions. No matter how you act, you still seemed cute in his eyes, and he loved you for it.

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