Force and Remorse
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A small piece. Never force yourself or let anyone do the same. Not to offend anyone out there.

By: Kshero

Force and Remorse

by Kshero

She was forced to marry the person whom she never liked.

"What was her fault? Why wasn't she asked if she wanted to marry him?"

These questions were the ones which her parents asked themselves after a year of their daughter's marriage. Their daughter never expressed her sorrows. She did what her parents wanted her to do.

And now they were standing in front of their daughter, laying right there, cold, motionless. The tortures which she suffered, the wounds which she got all were right there.

She never shared it all to anyone.

Maybe if she did, then the situation might have been different?

A forceful marriage and the wrong decisions, the tortures and the passiveness, the regrets and the remorse all filled that room that day.

- To all those out there, never force yourself or let anyone do the same. Stand up for yourself because you are a strong and beautiful soul.

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