The Alley Pt. 2
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Second part to The Alley Pt. 1

A struggle between the past and future.

The Alley Pt. 2

Mary was trying her best to move on with her life after losing her son to a drug overdose. She had spent countless hours weeping and mourning the loss of her only child.

Her husband had left her after their son had passed, leaving her alone. Sure, he had left her the house, and car, and mostly everything in hopes that he could start again.

Everything was just to unbearable for him so he left it all behind and moved on. But Mary couldn’t, no matter how hard she had been trying to.

She had been seeing a therapist at the local hospital downtown who specialized in recovery after the loss of a loved one. It helped a little she supposed, but nothing could bring him back.

She was getting ready to go to another session with the therapist, making sure to grab a heavier coat due to the questionable weather.

She left the house and decided to walk instead of dealing with the busy downtown traffic, the walking helped her clear her head anyways.

As she walked down the crowded downtown streets towards the hospital flashbacks of walking those very streets with her son flooded her mind.

They had spent a lot of time window shopping at the various shops right off the main walkway, just to kill time and get out of the house.

The memories made her crack a small smile, but at the same time brought a tear to her eye knowing that she would never be able to walk these streets with her son again.

Her son had been fighting with drug addiction for a few years, and Mary thought he had finally overcome it when he lapsed back into a bad group of people,

and the temptations were just to much for him to handle. Their local hangout was just off the main walkway down an alley near the hospital.

She found it ironic and a bit sad that they choose to use in a place so near a center whose entire purpose is to help heal people.

She was just past the road where this local hangout was located when she began to cry again.

Wiping the tears from her face she looked up and caught the eyes of a woman who looked a bit distraught.

She tried to give the woman a smile but couldn’t muster one together, so she just looked at the lady in passing.

She was only a few blocks from the hospital now but something had caused her to stop in her tracks. She heard a man's voice coming from the road where the local addict hangout was located.

It was hard to make out over the sound of the city, but she was sure that the man's voice had been calling out for a lady named Stacy. The name Stacy is a name that she had heard before.

Her son would often talk to a woman on the phone named Stacy, and referred to her as a friend.

Curious, and hoping that Stacy wasn't about to get robbed, Mary decided to meet Stacy whom her son seemed to be so fond of.

She turned around and walked back to the roadway where she had heard the man's voice calling to Stacy. As she turned the corner she heard the man asking Stacy for drugs.

Stacy had clearly knew the man, and had sold drugs to him before. All of a sudden it clicked, Stacy hadn’t been a friend like she had thought, she had been his drug dealer.

Something inside of Mary snapped at the realization of who Stacy really was. Rage overtook the sadness, and she acted impulsively.

She quickly stepped out of sight into one of the alleyways as to not be seen by Stacy or the man.

After the man had been turned down, and Stacy continued to walk towards the shelter, Mary glanced around looking for some sort of weapon.

She wasn’t thinking very straight, but this new feeling of rage overtook the feeling of sadness and dread, and to her that was much better.

After looking around for a minute she found part of an old metal fence post and decided that that would do for what she was quickly planning in her head.

The rage was definitely a nice change from the sadness, and for the first time Mary had a real grin smeared across her face.

She stood in the shadows for awhile watching stacy move closer to the shelter doors. As Stacy approached the main doorway Mary made her move, she walked up behind Stacy and said,

“Stacy is it?” And as Stacy began to turn around she swung the broken fence post against Stacy's head as hard as she could, causing Stacy to lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

She drug Stacy's unconscious body behind some trash cans in the nearest side alley and propped her up right against the brick wall.

She looked like the twenty other junkies passed out in the same alleyway.

Mary then headed back home and got her car, she drove back to that alleyway to find Stacy sitting there just as she’d left her.

She began to lift Stacy’s body into the passenger seat when she heard someone from within the alley.

“You alright mam? Do you need some help?” One of the shopkeepers asked her as he was taking the garbage out.

“Uhm.. my daughter, she has a serious drug problem and I’m trying to get her to the hospital.” Mary replied.

“Let me help get her in the car for you, my brother is a junkie as well so I know how hard that can be to see them like this. I hope it all works out for you.” The man said.

After getting help from the man loading Stacy's still unconscious body into the car, she set for home, thinking about what she was going to do with Stacy when they arrived.

Somehow managing to get Stacy into the house and down the stairs, although not very gently, she had gotten Stacy all tied up to one of the drain pipes in the basement.

Stacy was starting to show signs of coming to again so Mary went back upstairs before being seen, and to think over her next plan of action.

She had already beaten her over the head with a metal post, kidnapped her, and was now holding her prisoner.

Still, the feeling of sadness was all but a flicker inside of her now, and her rage and excitement grew. She couldn’t stop now she thought to herself.

“If this is what it takes for me to move on and find peace then so be it.” She mumbled to herself taking a deep breath.

She was all in now, she was going to end Stacy’s life just as the drugs had ended her sons.

Not sure how she was going to do it still, she decided to go give Stacy a proper greeting, and explain the situation that she had found herself in.

She headed to the basement door where she could hear Stacy somewhat whimpering and breathing heavily, probably trying to figure out what was going on and where she was.

She opened the door and headed down the stairs, she saw Stacy sitting on the floor tied to the drain pipe right where she had left her.

She could see the blood begin to dry on Stacy’s hair, and the confusion in her eyes.

She walked over to where Stacy was on the floor and knelt down, staring her in the eye for a minute before Stacy spoke.

“Wha-What is this?” Stacy scrambled with the words. Mary began to check the knots holding Stacy in place before replying.

“You ruined my life.” Is all she could say before telling Stacy the circumstances of her son's death.

Stacy began to apologize, and tell Mary that she was really a good person, and didn’t mean anyone any harm. But that didn’t change the fact that her son had died using this woman's drugs.

Stacy then went on to tell Mary about not living long anyways due to cancer, and this caught Marys attention.

“Oh, cancer?” Mary said with a bit of a smirk. Mary knew what to do now. She didn’t have to get blood on her hands, not literally anyways.

She would just hold Stacy here until the cancer took her. Slow, agonizing, and alone. The perfect execution for the person responsible for her son's death.

And the best thing about it is that she got to be there for every moment of it.

Mary began to head back to the stairs, and as she was just getting to the door she turned and looked back at Stacy, giving her a smile.

“Hope your comfortable.” She said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice.

She then turned out the lights and slammed the door closed, leaving Stacy in the darkness to live out the rest of her days.

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