The Addiction
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A teens worst nightmare.

The Addiction

“Jenny! Get down here right now!” She could hear the anger and frustration in her mother's voice as she called for her.

Jenny already knew what she was about to get in trouble for, she had been caught with her phone during class again.

This wasn’t the first time that’s for sure, Jenny had a long history of being caught texting, facebook posting, and whatever else during classes.

She would probably have her phone taken away as was the usual punishment for such offenses, but little did her parents know that didn’t bother her much.

She just jumped on a computer at school and could get her online fix there without them being the wiser about it.

Reluctantly she got up off her bed, placed her phone in her pocket, and headed downstairs to the kitchen where her mom was at.

Her mother was standing there with a look of frustration on her face as Jenny entered the room.

“What.” Jenny said with a hint of attitude.

She was just going through the motions at this point, she knew the routine, she had already turned her phone off so that her parents couldn’t access any of her messages.

If they saw those she’d really be in for it she thought, thinking of particular conversations that she had been involved in with boys at school.

“Jenny you know what, and don’t play dumb with me. Hand it over.” Her mom held out her hand to receive the phone. “This is getting absolutely ridiculous Jenny, it’s like you never learn.”

“Sorry mom.” Jenny said, still just going through the normal motions.

At this point it was like watching the same show over and over, you know the outcome, the plot, characters and everything else.

“You know what, I think the punishment will be different this time. Taking your phone away doesn’t seem to get our point across, and you keep just going back to it.

” Her mom pulled out a piece of paper from one of the drawers, Jenny couldn’t make out what it was. “This, is going to be your punishment.

” Her mom gestured to the paper as she placed it on the counter in front of Jenny.

“Are you serious?” Jenny said reading the sheet of paper. “A freakin rehab center for addicts? Not like i’m out there doing drugs or anything.” Jenny pleaded her case to her mother.

“Yup. It’s a rehab getaway for people with all kinds of addictions, and clearly your addicted to that stupid phone. You can’t even stay away from it long enough to get through a single class.

” Her mom had a smile on her face, obviously pleased with the reaction she had gotten out of her daughter. “It’s a summer long camp atmosphere, with zero technology.

No computers, phones, or anything else that can be used to get online with.”

“But mom that’s not fair. Take the phone sure but isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“At this point no.

How many calls have I gotten from your school this year regarding your phone use? And how many times have I taken your phone away just for you to go right back to using it in class?

” Her mother explained. “So no, I think that something drastic needs to happen for you to change your behaviour, and this seems like the perfect thing.”

There was no point in arguing further with her mom, she had made up her mind and it was set in stone.

Apparently Jenny was going to be stuck in a place without anything but other miserable teens for an entire summer.

The first impression Jenny got when arriving at the camp was that it was no normal camp, it looked more like a prison.

There were walls surrounding the facility, and access points with security searching vehicles entering the property. Jenny couldn’t believe she was going to be stuck here for the entire summer.

They pulled up to one of the access gates where her mother gave the guard her name, and after looking up and down his clipboard,

he checked it off and had them give up all of their electronic devices. They then pulled in and Jenny climbed out of the car grabbing her bags as she exited.

There was another guard that asked her to open up her bags so that he could verify there were no electronics hidden within.

After saying her goodbyes to her mother Jenny was lead inside the facility and shown to a room that was no bigger than a walk in closet.

“Dinner is at six, breakfast at seven. Feel free to walk around and socialize with the others, we have board games and books for entertainment.

During the day we open the swimming pool, and basketball courts if you feel like using those.

We also have various activities that are posted on the bulletin board in the middle of the cafeteria.

The man explained to her before turning around and walking back to his post by the main doors.

Jenny set her stuff down on the one unclaimed bed in the room. She took a deep breath and couldn’t believe that she was stuck here.

She got up and decided to take a look around, as she wandered around aimlessly she was approached by another girl a little older than her.

“Hey.” The girl said. “You uh, you want to buy some texts?”

“What?” Jenny said confused, thinking that the girl was joking with her.

“You know, text messages. Ten dollars per text, you can buy up to five a day. I smuggled this old prepaid in here and let people use it. For a price of course.

” The girl explained to her as she was looking around, careful not to be to loud.

“Yea... that's gonna be a no.” Jenny said with disgust.

She had enough of wandering around and decided to go back to her room, where she cried wishing more than anything that she could post about how terrible this place was.

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