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I found myself surrounded by a white mist in silence, floating weightlessly amongst my peers...


I found myself surrounded by a white mist in silence, floating weightlessly amongst my peers who said nothing.

The breeze was cool and I could feel it breathing life into me with each passing chill as I floated along peacefully, wondering to myself what this beautiful place was.

As I continued to drift through the dense mist I passed countless others also being carried by the unseen currents, all of whom gracefully twirled in a state of pure pliss and ease.

I could feel the weightlessness slowly receding and I began to feel the pull of my new found weight, it began pulling me away from the white mist and into a darker place.

I noticed that I wasn’t alone and that most of the others were beginning to join me on my journey into this unknown,

the slight breeze had turned into a more violent version of its former self and forced us all to thrash around as we collided with one another.

Some colliding so hard that two became one and others breaking apart entirely, ceasing to exist altogether.

The weight grew heavier the further into the dark we went, and those of us that remained began traveling faster through the dark.

As the darkness parted we were greeted by an endless expanse of different sights,

tall structures rose from the ground below looking nothing more than a spec from the height at which we were at.

In the distance tall white peaks loomed over the buildings, enveloping much of what we could see in shadow.

We fell faster towards the moving machines and countless roadways that awaited our arrival below, the wind howled and whisked us around as we inevitably made our descent towards the ground.

I could sense a feeling of dread overcome those near me as we began to realize that this was going to be our end, as quickly we awoke in that white mist we too shall end.

Wimpers and mournful cries echoed in the brisk air as those far off structures became larger, a reminder that our short lived journey was about to abruptly end.

Passing the building tops we fell, most had accepted their fate and there was a silent atmosphere of acceptance amongst my peers.

Some were blown onto the building edges by the turbulent wind that winded its way around the cold concrete walls,

others continued to fall to the streets below where they were smashed into a giant oozing mass by the passing cars.

I accepted that I too was going to become a part of the large grey mess below when suddenly my descent stopped.

A draft rushed underneath and I was forced back up into the air before finding myself sitting on a giant window,

several others had joined me and we found ourselves overcome with a sense of relief, being spared the gruesome fate of becoming another addition to the slush pile below.

The sighs of relief were short lived however, as we lay collecting together for strength we began to hear a faint moaning sound coming from further down the window,

an unfamiliar sound that would bring us horror beyond our comprehension.

Our collective strength was no match for the fiendish liquid that began to spray out from just below the glass pane,

as it blanketed us in its torturous aggression cries of pain arose from myself and my peers as the liquid slowly ate away at our very existence.

Fading quickly into nothing the pain finally stopped, and I found myself ceasing to exist.

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