Red Eyes
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Never trust small animals.

Red Eyes

Josh was a nerd. He was the type of kid who always did his work, never did anything wrong, and never had any harm done to him. Until that day.

It started off as a normal unpredictable day in Atlanta, Georgia, where the flowers were blooming, and the earth was coming to life once again.

Josh was on his way to school, admiring the squirrel that was chattering contently on the fence post. Little did Josh know that this one squirrel would change his life forever.

As he continued on his journey to school, pretending to be Charizard, which was his favorite pokemon out of them all, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

The cute, admirable squirrel was following him.

“Run on home, little creature of the woods!” He yelled at the squirrel.

But the squirrel did not acknowledge him in any way. As the squirrel was closing in on Josh, Josh realized that this was no normal everyday squirrel. This squirrel was possessed.

Its eyes were glowing red, and it was drooling uncontrollably.

“What the?” Josh asked himself.

Suddenly, the world that Josh knew came to an unexpected end. He spent the rest of time in a black abyss, forever falling farther, and farther into the cold. Beep!! Beep!!

He awoke abruptly. Covered in sweat, Josh realized that it was all a dream. As he reached for his prized pokemon cards on his in table, he glanced out the window. What he saw killed him.

The doctors say that he died from a heart attack. For when josh glanced out his window, there in the tree sat the squirrel with red glowing eyes.

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