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I confronted a demon today...

My Demon

I took a long drawn out breath, holding it in briefly before slowly releasing it back into the dim lit bathroom.

My life was in shambles, my loved ones had left me and I was utterly alone with only my dark thoughts to keep me company.

This thing had been ruining my life one piece at a time, this demon that stalked my dreams and plagued my mind constantly had pushed everything I cared about away.

It had me right where it wanted me, broken, depressed, and alone.

It tempted me to take the easy way out and end it all with the flash of a smoking barrel, but I wasn’t done fighting just yet.

No, today I was finally ready to confront this evil and gain back control of my own life, today I had decided to confront the demon.

It took everything in my being to muster the courage but there I was, I had found the last of my remaining strength and I was ready to make my stand.

I opened my eyes, slowly looking up from the bathroom vanity past the countless bottles of pills and drugs to confront this thing that had taken control of my life.

I looked into the mirror and saw it looking back at me, my own reflection.

No more of this, the change starts now, I told it.

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