A Captured Terror
A Captured Terror scary stories
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The wind howled and whipped outside of the little guard shack, gusting against its door causing it to creak and shake. He sat inside watching the snow being blown around on the security cameras alone on the graveyard shift.

A Captured Terror

The wind howled and whipped outside of the little guard shack, gusting against its door causing it to creak and shake.

He sat inside watching the snow being blown around on the security cameras alone on the graveyard shift.

It was the middle of nowhere and the shack was an access point to a government testing facility, a single dirt road leading in, and a single dirt road leading out.

Nothing but desert surrounded the shack and a single street light illuminated it so that the cameras could see vehicles entering and exiting the facility.

It was around 2 am when something on the monitor caught his attention. The monitors dinged when they sensed movement, a way to make sure the guards were paying attention.

The monitor showing the shack where he sat had dinged. He looked up from his book expecting to see a vehicle pulling up to the gate for check in or out.

Nothing was there, but the monitor kept dinging over and over.

He got on the radio and alerted the main office that he was going to reboot the computers, so the cameras would be down for just a minute. After obtaining permission he reboot the system.

The monitors went black and the system began the rebooting process which only took a minute or two. The system came back online and he opened the camera monitors again.

They were back to normal and he could see the lone shack sitting under the street light. The dinging stopped and he went back to reading his book, carrying on as usual.

A few more minutes passed by and he heard the computer ding again. He look up at the monitor to see that nothing was there. Perhaps it was a coyote running up and down the roads he thought.

He went back to his book but again the computer dinged. The cameras were definitely picking up some sort of movement around the shack.

He grabbed his flashlight and stepped outside, hoping to scare off any wildlife that may be causing the cameras to flag movement.

He shone his light up and down the roads, he couldn’t hear anything moving or see any signs of wildlife.

Even standing outside the shack he could hear the monitors dinging, probably picking up on his own movement. He went back into the shack and locked the door behind him.

He wasn’t one to get paranoid or scare easily, but he couldn’t help but feel as though he wasn’t there alone.

He sat down and went back to his book, thankful that the dinging had seemingly stopped.

Almost an hour had passed and the monitors hadn’t dinged once, when all of a sudden he heard the ding again. And again he looked up to the monitors to reveal nothing there.

He watched it for awhile until the dining stopped. He figured it must be a technical thing and would report it in the morning when his relief came in.

He hadn’t looked down at his book for but a few seconds and again, he heard the monitor ding. He wanted to just ignore it but couldn’t resist the urge to look up at the screen once again.

He looked up and almost fell out of his chair, on the monitor standing right outside of the shacks rear window was a tall dark figure facing the camera.

It was as if it was looking into his eyes through the camera and yet standing right outside of the shack where he sat. It stood there facing the camera waving at him.

He spun around in his chair and looked out the rear window. Nothing was there. He turned back around and looked at the screen, nothing there.

He quickly got on the radio to alert the main office that someone may be onsite, but he got nothing but static.

He tried again on a different channel but again nothing but static, another channel and he heard a voice on the other end barely breaking through.

He adjusted the antenna a little and could make out a voice laughing. A crackly, terrifying laugh. He shut the radio off and threw it across the desk away from him.

Then again, he heard the monitor ding. He looked up at the screen and saw the tall dark figure standing closer to the camera. Still looking directly at him waving its unnaturally long arm.

Now he could see that the figure had a twisted grin on its face, shrouded in the black hood that concealed him.

He looked out the window but nothing was there, again back to the monitor and the figure was gone.

He tried to keep himself from panicking and think logically, but found it hard to think straight.

Fear had taken ahold of him and he couldn’t help but frantically call out over the radio for help.

Still he heard nothing but static coming from the other end, with the faint sound of laughter in the background sounding distant.

The monitor dinged again and without looking he reaching out and found the monitors power button and turned it off. The screen went black but continued to ding.

He looked out the window and nothing was outside, the monitor continued to ding and turned on by itself. He could see the figure standing directly in front of the camera with its twisted grin.

It’s teeth were blackened and misshaped, its eyes concealed by the black hood pulled over its head. It was looking right into him.

He put his head down and into his hands, covering his face hoping that this would just go away and stop.

The dinging stopped and he looked back up at the monitor, nothing there once again. He watched the screen carefully for a minute but nothing unusual happened.

Finally starting to calm down he regained his composure he grabbed his flashlight and headed headed for the door.

He wanted to check for footprints in the snow to see if someone was messing with him. With light in hand he unlocked the door, and as he did he heard it. The monitor began dinging again.

He looked over at the monitor and saw the figure standing outside of the shacks door. The very one he was at now and had just unlocked.

He watched on the monitor as the figure drug him out of the shack and off into the darkness. He stood there frozen, dropping the flashlight on the ground.

Confused and terrified, he ran to his car and drove away never to return.

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