I'm lost~
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About a girl who thought his brother was lost~

I'm lost~

~*~ Mina's Old Diary~*~ Sunday, 6th January 2019 Dear diary, I thought that I was the wrong person. This morning my older brother got mad. I'm just 12 years old. And my brother is 16. Just call 911.

Monday, 7th January 2019 Dear diary, I feel so lonely now. I heard on the news that my brother is on hospital. I feel so sad. I left a message on his room, saying that I miss him so much. what can i do? i need to suicide But I cannot. My brother is very unwell. Where did he leave me?

Tuesday, 8th January 2019 I feel so dumb. My brother in the hospital. Me sitting here thinking hard. What can I do? I will have to tie a rope on myself. Yes. I'm not afraid on heights. just die.

Wednesday 9th January 2019 (blank)

Thursday 10th January 2019 (blank)

Sunday 13th January 2019 I hate you dad. I hate you mom. You didn't take care of my older brother. I love you, brother. You are always kind

Monday 14th January 2019 Dad went to find my brother. No calls from him. I texted him, but no reply. Where have you gone? I returned home, with a huge slit on my arm. Because I used my knife to slash a little. But luckily, I'm alive.

Tuesday 15th January 2019 My brother hugged me tightly. I was so happy he did. We were always together. I was very glad and happy. Yes, I miss those days alot. My brother, you are lost. How can I find you and hug you?

Wednesday 16th January 2019 Where are you? where are you? where are you? I miss you alot.

Thursday 17th January 2019 I have to suicide. the only way. I have to land from a tall bridge. that'll teach him.

Friday 18th January 2019 (blank)

Friday 2nd February 2020 Don't worry Mina, I'm here with you in your graveyard~

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