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It feels so great to talk to you Kristen. All my life I've always wanted to feel good while talking to a girl especially one that's interested in me. We speak but no one really knows the other. By the way am William, Lyle William. “Okay William, quite an interesting name. I'd love to know you more. I've never felt so protected and safe with such a man like you before.

Really it's my first time to be this close and so open to a man moreover the less a boy." I looked so deep into her eyes with such want and love. I couldn't even know her name if it hadn't been for her friend who used to walk with her every time after her class. Now she was in front of me spilling out her love for my company.

I didn't like what surrounded her home. If she knew my greatest ability as a man she would stay away from me. This was the ancient times. I really hate this blood sucking demons. I would kill all of them. Our kind was born to defend and protect the earth's contents. With me the leader and the undefeated one our kind was stronger than the earth's full army.

William? William? Yes sorry I was destructed a bit. Your mind is always somewhere else. Are you in boredom when you're with me? Kristen you're the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me am never bored when am with you. Someday you'll get to understand what I mean. She smiled happily as she gave me a peck and headed to her house.

Something was not okay with their surroundings. I strolled through the woods and had a little bit change. The enemy was near. I tried to have a chase through the woods to secure the area but I was shocked in the end. In my room I could not have a rest as my instinct was not alright. Dad always warned me off too much concentration.

Leslie was my best friend and know everything about my daily life. Although we were of the same kind I was secretive and discrete. During the day we went playing in the woods. We did this so as to get used to the game. Our territory was quite large. Lyle William was only a name but my kind knew me as Original.

Kristen was always in my thoughts but my most hated enemy lived under the same roof with her. Our kind was a threat to the blood sucking demons. In the evening I took a stroll to Kristen's home area. She was outside her house walking around the garden.

She seemed to be deep in thoughts. The moment she so me she ran towards me shouting my name with so much love. "William? Am so glad to see you. Tell me, (smiling) you couldn't be passing here for nothing. Were you looking for someone? May be me? (She laughed)." Well.... Kristen I have to tell you something very important.

It's about.... Before I could spill out, I had a bad feeling about something. It was them they were here. "Kristen? I didn't know you had male friends. Who is he?" Kristen replied to her dad with such joy." Daddy stop it, he's just a friend. A very good friend (looking at me with love with those sweet innocent eyes.)" I felt the urge to rip off his head.

My body's temperature arose very fast as I angrily looked into the enemy's eyes. But for Kristen's sake I needed to control myself. I said hi to her father. He responded with a smile on his face. Kristen couldn't notice anything as she was 100% earthly. To keep things calm I left after a few minutes and headed home. It was night time.

As I passed near her home the dark shadow moved around the house. Her room faced towards the road. Much could be seen in her room from the outside view. I growled recognizing the dark shadow walking past Kristen's bed. With so much anger I growled so loud to scare away the sucker. It disappeared out of her room.

Kristen was awaken by the growl and peeped outside the window as I silently moved into the dark. As the day began Leslie asked me where I was. This was when I knew he knew of my secrets. He asked me if I was in love with her. I couldn't reply to his question but made him aware of her father's identity.

“What Og? Are you sure. I saw you but I thought you were just having a look at her. We need to destroy this sucker." I told him that I couldn't do it because he fathered Kristen. But something didn't seem well from his entry to Kristen's room. Questions were all over my mind. Leslie insisted on the kill and threatened to inform the pack about the news.

I wondered why Leslie couldn't realize the presence of the sucker in the house. The pack had eight fully grown members. The next day at school we had lunch together with her. She wore a green sweater. French fries were her favorite. As she raised her fork to have her first bite of the French fries her sweater's sleeve moved down exposing her wrist which had a scar.

From the look the scar seemed to be of a bite. With anger not exposed I arose and asked her what gave her the scar. She began to pant in fear telling me to embrace her tightly. As I held her she calmed down. In my mind I pictured ending that blood sucker’s life. The other students looked at us with surprise and minded their business.

Her friend, Miley came towards our table and was so happy to see us softly hugging. "Well well, (smiling) what are this two love birds doing. I really like seeing you this way." She sat with us with her fresh French fries. I moved back to my seat and ate those fresh French fries. I decided to drop the scar topic.

We enjoyed our lunch with Miley telling so much stories of her experience with Kristen. The appearance of that scar couldn't get off my mind. As we left for home I could hear the howling of my pack from miles away. I had to come up with something so as to join the pack for a game. It was a death game. I left the two as they strolled down to their home areas.

Growling and panting I quickly moved through the woods heading towards my kind. Intruders had passed through our territory and now they were to be answerable for the informality. Streaming through a suckers throat I made an entrance crashing past two of the intruders. As usual we were victorious and headed towards our main land.

In my room I decided to make a phone call. Kristen picked up the phone and was very happy that I had called. She asked me why I had to leave them and said that I'll have to make up for it and I had no choice but to accept. While we were talking she hastily said that she had a sound from the living room.

While the line was still on she tried calling out to check if it was her dad. No one answered she said suddenly a glass breaking sound was heard. "William I think someone is in the house. (Screaming) me..." I angrily smashed the phone towards the door and sprinted out through the window turning into my reflection form.

As fast as I could through the air roaring with anger and desperation I was approaching her house when suddenly I tripped down something that had not happened before. It was then that I realized I was still in my bed while the sun was rising. "Og do you know what day it is?" Loudly said Leslie.

It was Friday and the pack bonds on a Friday in a roast meat feast eating gathering. As usual it wasn't a school day for scholars. Back at school Kristen's day was boring since her inspiration was not there. She acted like a corpse. "Kristen you don't look fine today. Is it because of William? If it's him I’ll crush off his head. Wait till I get my hands on him."

Miley tried to console her. Still her mind was somewhere else. "I can’t stop thinking about him, I love him so much. Not a second goes by without thinking of his cute blue eyes. The yarn for his presence is so strong. When he blinks I feel like he's asking me to kiss him. The first time he spoke to me was as if we knew each other before.

What am I saying? I loved him at first sight and I don't think I could live without him. When am on his chest I feel secure and loved. Miley I need you to help me. Do you know where he stays?" Miley confirmed that she knew. At 4.00pm after school was over the two friends were on their way to the packs main territory.

The packs territory was not so far from school only two kilometers way. So they walked. Through the woods darkness almost covered the area. Back in the main land the pack prepared for the main event. With eight fully grown members in the pack with five of them having off springs. The event was a tradition that all the packs' werewolves had to follow with discretion.

It was a private feast that was only meant for our kind with no presence of non-werewolves only if you were a family member. This meant that some humans had fallen in love with us thus accepting our other identity. Before the feast began we were to shape shift and howl as a sign that we were ready for the event.

While it was almost time to begin the procedure, a loud voice was heard calling out to my name. "William hey? Surprise! Are you happy to see me? (Laughing and smiling, Kristen came towards where I was)." I whispered hastily, "Kristen what are you doing here.

How did you know where I li... Oooh this can't be happening." Kristen sadly replied, "I couldn't pass the day off without seeing you. I care about you so much. I thought something had happened to you. (Moving towards me she gently jumped on my chest hugging me with so much love)."

I said to her in low tone, "You shouldn't be here now. It's about what I wanted to tell you the other day." We were talking from a distance from where the event took place so no one was aware of where we were. It was till then that a member of the pack (Noty) realized that non-members were in the main territory. This event was compulsory for the whole pack.

Noty as angry as he used to be ran towards us spinning and busking into the air coming down as a dark werewolf. Kristen and Miley in discomfort fearfully screamed in disbelief. This was the worst moment of their life as they had not ever seen one shape shift into a werewolf. I could see in his eyes that Noty was going to kill them so I had to spill out the beans.

As I move towards Noty Kristen desperately cried, "William that beast will kill you. William!!" Miley was so scared that she stood aghast like a stature. Kristen couldn't let go off my hand while screaming. In that short moment I tried to persuade Noty not to make me be the one to stop him from killing them. "Noty calm down they are my friends and I won't let you..."

..." I knew that it wouldn't help in any way so I took off from Kristen's hands and ran jumping into the air. This was the appearance of Original, the fiercest in all the packs. It was a moment of blow up. Kristen didn't take it so well. Holding Miley's hand they ran towards the woods in fear and disbelief.

I didn't want her to know this way. Now I had lost her forever. There's no way they could have gotten out of the territory as fast as it got darker. I followed them begging to explain everything but it wasn't the right time for this. All I needed to do was make sure they arrived home safely.

Not recognizing the ritual was forbidden and had consequences. I decided to shape shift into my form following the two scared girls as they reached their homes. I felt so guilty. Kristen walked up her house's staircase as her so called dad arrived. He knew something had happened and recognized my presence.

Unexpectedly he smiled heading towards the house doorstep following Kristen. In human form I angrily moved to their door step and knocked. Unexpectedly her dad opened the door. I told him with a hoarse and low voice. "I want to see Kristen. Let me in." Disgustedly he said, “Listen you pathetic beast, and stay away from my prey."

Shocked I asked him, "What did you say. Isn't she your daughter? I knew it you were never her father I don't know why she calls you that. I know what you are and I will crush you pathetic sucker." Not surprised and with pride he said, “We’ll see about that. Be careful with what you say.

I know you love her and you would do anything to protect her." Kristen came down from her room still in fear and confusion. "Dad please leave me alone with talk to him." She fell towards me hugging me tightly and quietly whispering through my ear. "Help me please. Don't leave me here." The sucker said, “Kristen dear you have to rest.

Come." I angrily told him, “Listen to me you filthy demon. She is coming with me. Am not going to let you hurt her anymore. And don't you try me." Kristen was still on my arms warmly caressing me not wanting to let go. The sucker with his red lips encouragingly said," You can take her only if she is dead. If she leaves this house it would only be over my dead body."

"So be it. Kristen stay back." She moved a distance behind. My body temperature had increased to an abnormal level. I had never been angry before. This showed the affection that I felt for her. Growling and panting in anger with my sharp teeth on exposure, I faced my enemy ready to strike. "Do you think am alone? Well I've got an army.

Forks don't let her leave this house." On his command a group of ten vampires came in exposing their fangs and surrounded us (Kristen and I). I was outnumbered but I had never been afraid of their kind. I angrily growled throwing my eyes to each and every one of them. Kristen panted in fear desperately moving against the wall.

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