Who Killed Mama Africa
Who Killed Mama Africa dystopian stories

kromahisiaka Isiaka A.Kromah is a young poet
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WHO KILLED MAMA AFRICA? Oh this great continent

By Yes

Who Killed Mama Africa

by Yes


Oh this great continent

A place we celebrate and alway talk about.

The continent of our birth.

Let's talk about this continent a little ,and it's people

Africa a place where  the life of a cow is

Worth more than the life of humans,

Where the  innocents praying for peace and harmony,

And no easy way to satiety.

Where the harmless are brutally killed,

Merely for supposed suspicion.

And behind these gibbets is a barbarous touts,

Brainwashed by tainted corruption.

Where the public places are not safe anymore,

Where officials commit crimes,and living on without investigation

This Continent has gone sour

Africa has become a place where the office bearers aren’t worried about anything,

A place where the youth have no future to hope for

A place where what you know doesn't count who you know is what matters

A place where there is nothing like a better tomorrow.

Where yesterday seem more better than today and today could be preferable than tomorrow.

A place where we have lost our culture as Africans,and we are all moving about like outcasts.

Where children do not understand the African families ties .

Where Africans do not understand the true meaning of what they bear

Oh my dear Continent

How I wish it becomes a continent where a brother looks out for his brother than thirst for his blood

Where kings will respect the dignity of their mightiness and never challenge their power,

Where ethnicity is never a thing of fear,

Where religion comes after humanity,

Where the leaders will learn to serve in humility

To bring back to the continent , serenity.

This is the African Generations manifesto, in the dying moments of our era.

But the question is who is to be blame ?

Is it the future generations who have nothing to hope for?

The public places where corruption is the norm of the day?

Or the parents who are ignorant to the reality of the issue at hand ?

The question remained who killed mama Africa ?



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