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When I think of you... I don't have words


When I think of you...

I don't have words

Like, I literally have. No. Words.

So I decide to draw you.

But then I remember that I can't draw.

Especially a masterpiece like you ;)

So then I think to myself

"Well, I think I'm pretty good at writing"

But then I remember I have no words.

This cycle repeats multiple times.

And there never really is an end.

I never come to a conclusion.

I never find something to express my feelings through.

I usually end up staring at your yearbook portrait.

Like a creep.

Do you see how you're messing with my brain?!

Please make it stop.

It's annoying.

Usually I'm able to write about his beautiful green eyes or his dashing smile.

But YOU, on the other hand, are blinding my brain from doing anything of those sorts.

It's driving me crazy.

Aksjbdfjhbdfkuibf but you're just so adorable and I can't stop thinking about your amazing brown eyes they're like melted chocolate on a s'more or maple syrup on waffles and I wish I

could stare into them for hours but I barely know you and that would be weird and your smile is adorable especially when your eyes get squinty just like when I smile and you're so funny

and cute and I just can't with you agh please help.

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