Vast Wide Space
Vast Wide Space astronomy stories
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krimema Having an existential crisis
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An activity from school. To write a poem about astronomy.

Vast Wide Space

Vast wide space The stars above I gaze

Dark cold space Far above I am amazed

Where I'm from Where did I come from Some big questions from astronomy you can never shun

Like an ant in a jungle And a jungle in a country A country in Earth Earth in universe And universe in universe

To live is to survive, to survive is to live As living requires thinking

We humans we're shown A common and kinds of knowledge for all we know Knowledge that should be passed down To infinity and beyond

A known generation, a known existence

Matter, time, space, energy Unlimited in outer space

As the planets in solar system revolves in their pace O ever wonder how they rotate?

As days come and nights passed O ever wonder how it wander just like that?

As the Earth's satellite orbits around O ever wonder it's the cause of tidal waves?

Knowledge and facts are not all in the box Sometimes you'll need to search the inevitable paradox

"For one has to be curious Thirsty for knowledge And hungry for exploration" --- Maria, B. (2005). Earth Science.

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