The Astronomer's Letter for the Moon
The Astronomer's Letter for the Moon astronomy stories

kradlestrange 🌈 Traversing life one verse at a time.
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An ode to my "moon"

The Astronomer's Letter for the Moon

People say you are a mere satellite

but to me, you are the center of the night

under the blanket of darkness, I see your light

how you struggle to illuminate others with all your might

Absurd as this may sound

slowly, I began to understand

what shouting to the void really means...

Please listen as I tell you

I only have my lens for you

out of all the celestial bodies in the sky

you are the one that captured my eyes

I adore all your phases

love all your scars

but to you I'm just an idle dreamer

observing from a far.

P.S. credits to the owner of the pics. Thank you.

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