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Part 2

A Year Later...Summer I sit on my wooden table gazing up at the radiant diamond moon and the twinkling stars. Every time they come out, I meow to offer my respect and appreciation for their generosity of light and protection throughout the night.

One day, I was watching TV with my humans about mythical creatures on Neptune. I really wish I could meet them! Then my entire house shakes, nearly knocking me off my wooden table. A glowing pink comet blasts in front of the moon!

While my humans sleep, I escape outside through the flappy door. I stroll in the driveway and I could not resist the temptation of rolling around on the warm pavement from today's sweltering sun. My humans laugh whenever I do this, but then the enemy known as Bathtub appears. It isn't all the time, but only if I get muddy.

A cat next door lies in the window hissing at me. He is envious of my sneaky, feline moves. I cross the street and squeeze through a metal fence at the park. I proceed to where the pink comet transforms into a mysterious object. It stands as tall as the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. I saw it on my humans' computer!

Its ambience speaks of love and healing. The aroma of roses surrounds this pink light, a similar scent to the flowers that bloom elegantly in my flower oasis at home. I meow to see if anyone is inside. Then a woman with long silver hair, wearing a sparkly, silver gown, holding a staff with many circles appears to me.

Greetings Sydney! I am Princess Aria, the guardian of space and dreams. This is my beloved pink crystal that allows me to travel as humans travel on airplanes. Please tell me what your heart desires." I would like to visit Neptune please!" Princess Aria opens the crystal and I walk inside feeling hopeful.

She waves her hand gracefully in front of the staff. A light turns on in the centre where the sun and the moon collide with each other. Then a hologram of planets appears in a rainbow-like shape above the sun and the moon. She touches the blue sphere at the end of the rainbow and the rumbling I heard earlier returns.

Princess Aria takes me into her loving warm arms, admiring my soft, dark-grey fur. When the crystal lifts, she sings a sweet lullaby to relieve my anxiety, but I was calm. I feel safe with Princess Aria. I watch my house become smaller and Earth fading into the distance until I could no longer see it.

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