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Part 1 of Sydney's Neptune Adventure. I wrote this in 2018, but still re-editing some parts.

On a bleak winter night, a woman with blue eyes spots me living on Oak Street. "Oh, what an adorable kitty!" She knocks on all the doors asking if anyone is missing their cat, but no one claimed me. "I am taking you home with me then! I will not leave you out in the cold!"

She takes me to her warm car and covers me up in a warm blue blanket. She conveys a great sense of compassion, and her smiles are alluring. My dream of having a forever home with a loving family has come true!

When I arrive at my new home, it is not big, but it is cozy and full of love for me. Another woman stares at me with hazel eyes. I never realise humans can have the same eye colour as me. "Let us call her Luna since we found her on a full moon!" The woman in hazel eyes says.

However, the girl with the blue eyes did not like that name. "Her name is Sydney!" The sisters play a game of rock, paper, scissors. The woman with hazel eyes shapes her hand into a fist. The woman with blue eyes covers the fist.

"Well, welcome home Sydney." The hazel eyed woman exclaims as cuddles me in her arms. "It doesn't matter what your name is, we are going to love you no matter what!

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