Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 4
Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 4 #sydneysneptuneadventure stories

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Part 4

Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 4

Underwater is exquisite as the array of colours cover the entire ocean floor. The colours are so delicious that I want to take a bite.

A giant puffed-up balloon fish with spikes stares at me, "What in the world are you?" "I am a cat from Earth. I am here to help find the turquoise stone." He thanks me and wishes me well on my hunt and swims away.

Then a giant stingray swims above my head waving at me after hearing about my quest and swims away.

Schools of fish swim by as if late for an appointment. They acknowledge my courage. I hear sobs up ahead. As I get closer, the upper half is human, but the bottom half are fins.

The one in pink fins swims over to me. She takes my paw and introduces me to the others. "These are my sisters: Clara in blue, Pearl in white, Aurora in yellow, Vanessa in violet, Michaela in green, Roxy in red, and Amora in orange. I am the oldest of my sisters. I am Kaia, the oldest in pink."

"We are angels of the sea." says Clara. "We protect precious valuables." Pearl says. "The turquoise stone is missing!" Aurora cries. "Today could be our last day on this beautiful planet." Says Vanessa.

"The stone cannot be off the charger longer than 3 days!" says Michaela. "It has been missing for two days!" Roxy says. "I bet no one will trust us anymore." Amora says.

It pains me to hear the sadness in their voices. "Please do not blame yourselves. I am here to help find it." Kaia opens a ruby box and music plays and they sing. "Singing makes us feel happy. Music is our physician to our souls. Our mother and father gave it to us as a gift. We will introduce you to them. Follow us!"

The gold palace stands tall and proud. It is heaven under the sea. I step inside the throne room and see the King with short gold hair, gold fins, and a gold crown with colourful gems. The Queen has long diamond hair, diamond fins, and a diamond tiara with a blue oval on the front representing Neptune! She allows me to sit on her lap and I meow a greeting.

"Oh, what an adorable sound!" The Queen says. The King picks me up cuddling me, "So soft and what are these white lines on your face?" My purrs give them a surprise, but it calms them eventually.

"These are my whiskers. They allow me to sense things." I say. I wanted to stay, but I told them that Maya had only given me an hour to explore underwater and find the stone. The Queen takes me back on her lap and tells me more about Maya.

"Maya is one divine dragon, she created the turquoise stone using all of her immortal blood. She could have kept her immortality to herself. "When she found out the rest of us were not immortal, she vowed to share her immortality with us. She breathed out blue mist, and it formed the stone."

"Although Maya had shared her immortality, she became weaker, unable to swim longer than five minutes without losing strength. Princess Aria found out what happened and gifted us an immortal stand for the stone. Like a flower needing sunlight and water. The stone needs crystal energy to survive." The king adds.

"Princess Aria places the stone on the stand, and everyone's strength came back and aging ceased. Now the stone is missing from the stand, we are aging rapidly and losing strength. It is vital that the stone returns to the immortal stand. The blue mist she gave you was the last of her strength." The Queen says.

I feel bad knowing that I took Maya's last bit of energy, but Maya was right about this power called, 'Will' it was kicking in more than ever. "I will find the turquoise stone! Do not give up hope! Hope can be the size of a pebble, but that pebble will save the world!" The Queen smiles and hugged me. "Thank you!"

The king admired the strength I had inside my heart. He swims to the centre of the room holding me up (Lion King Simba style). "Please gather all of our wonderful musicians and play a song for our brave warrior from Earth!"

The music plays and happiness rings out throughout the palace once again. I say goodbye to everyone and thanked them for the wonderful music. Their golden voices made the flowers bloom and the sea creatures dance. I will return with the turquoise stone!

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