A Stroll Through Nature
A Stroll Through Nature #natureisawesome stories

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A Little Piece of Heaven.
The river photo is from when I went to Niagara Falls, (Canadian side) My dream is to live in harmony.

A Stroll Through Nature

I stroll through the forest as a beautiful bird lands on my shoulder, tweeting, "Welcome to my home."

The buzz of the bumblebee on a yellow flower, collecting nectar for the hive. Such a wonderful sight.

The exquisite sound of the rushing river flows on by as the roaring sound of the waterfall flows freely up ahead of me. As a gentle breeze puts my anxiety at ease.

A beautiful dolphin jumps up out of the ocean, a place where they are free.

A herd of majestic elephants graces the land, going wherever their hearts' desire.

A wolf howls at the moon, offering its appreciation for its generosity of protection during the night. "Thank you for being Earth's night-light!"

Pleasantries of paradise is something we can all enjoy while sharing this beautiful place with other creatures who also call Earth home. Take a moment to listen and to feel the gentle breeze blowing upon us. A sense of tranquility, a little piece of heaven.

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