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Hi I am Sammy and I am a female also I am a 13 years old. I have a question...Is it wrong to like a girl?

PRIDE🏳️‍🌈||By:Shadow|| •❤️️🏳️‍🌈💜•

Hewo! One of the first story I ever write on commaful enjoy my Kpop crew/Shadow crew!

Hey. I am Sammy. I am a female if you don't know that. I moving which is depressing because I won't EVER see my guy friends again. And I don't know anybody here...My parents wanted a new life since our life back at home was 'Boring'. But...Atleast I have my little brother Sam and My big brother Samuel. I am the middle child and the only girl aside my mom.

My big brother Samuel is 17 my little brother sam is 6 and me Sammy 13. My parents are homosexual. They HATE lgbtq people. Like if they for an example if my big bro was gay they would disown him fast! But my big bro isn't he has a girlfriend named Ivy. Ivy is a bitch. Sorry for my language but it is true she is a bitch and a gold digger! They broke up when we moved which I was happy for him..he seemed

Happy too..! Which was great cause I haven't seen him smiled since they started dating. My little brother is NOT gay well I can't know for sure...but me...I don't know...I am confused...and it sucks...when a girl. compliments me I blush..and if a boy compliments me I don't it possible for me to be lesbian? Is it wrong? I had a lot of thoughts in my head..

And I still do... but i let it go..because there is no way I am lesbian...right?

Mom(Alena):" Samuel could you help your sister unpack please?" Samuel:"Okay where is Sammy at anyway?" Sammy(Me):" Here!" Samuel:" oh. Why are you in a box??" Sammy:" Bish I am short as heck and I can't get my stuff that was in the box" Samuel:" hm..Shortie" Sam:" call her short? I am shorter!"

We all laughed Sammy:" Sam you will get tall when you grow and might be dad's height which is lucky! I got mom's height" Mom(Alena): what is so wrong with my height Sammy?" Sammy:" nothing mooom" Mom(Alena):" sure..Oh honey it's nice to see your laying on the couch and not helping unpack lazy ass" Dad(Aaron):" excuse me!"

Oh no...An agurement is about to happen... Mom(Alena):"Excuse me what?! The kids and I have been unpacking for less than 2 hours while your lazy ass sat there on your phone!" Dad(Aaron):" I unpack my room and yours I moved in all the big stuff while you guys were asleep in sleeping bags and that took me 4 hours!" Mom(Alena):" Sure you did Aaron"

I sighed Sammy:" Samuel and Sam come lets unpack out room" Sam:" o-okay..." Samuel:" I will help Sam can you unpack yours shortie?" Sammy:" Yes Samuel" I rolled my eyes he is annoying. Oh and Sam stutters when he is scared,nervous,upset or shy. ••After a few hours of unpacking••

Once I finished unpacking my room I still heard arguments and Samuel was still helping sam unpack. And I was watching BTS army tweets on my tablet. Well to be fair I have a iPhone 11 pro,A laptop,and a tablet. To Be Contine TBC

I hope you guys enjoy! This is Chapter one and sorry if chapter one wasn't so long. Chapter one-Chapter 15 Bai Kpop crew/Shadow Crew💜🏳️‍🌈❤️️

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