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kowaiizombie Literature and Linguistics student
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Anxiety, from my current perspective: the world itself


by kowaiizombie

I want to be a mindful person, a peaceful person

I don't want to waste my time on negative energy

And I want to be happy

I want to meditate, practice more yoga, declutter my life, gain the financial independence to become vegan

But I'm so anxious

We live in the manmade epoch, and yet the world seems to be moving backwards

We live in a world of corruption and hate and prejudice

And those that care are beaten down

I can't do anything to magically solve world hunger

And I can't stop my government from creating war

Not on my own

I feel like a tiny, insignificant voiceless speck

I'm just taking up space

My politician doesn't care what I think

But my vote gets lost to a sea of old age middle class pensioners

Because I'm too young, too liberal

I just want people to be happy too

I don't want to be branded a social justice warrior for sticking up for someone's human rights

And I don't want to be told that feminism is evil

When without it, I'd be as human as a tree

I'm an insignificant 1 in 7 billion

But this is my mantra

I am allowed to take up space I am allowed to breathe I am the stars and the earth and myself

And one day I'll be happy

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