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kovner Something in my mind
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I wanted to introduce myself for the first time but I changed my mind

This is me

So many thoughts and so few words. Wish I could express all the feelings I feel.

For most of my life, society has led me and my actions. I was like plasticine from which I could made any form.

I did not understand this one. I was too young to clash with fear. Society was my fear.

They are the majority. It competently manipulates gullible and kind people.

You must

You must

You must

How often have I heard this phrase?

You can't do it

You can't do it

You can't do it

They said.

And I could.

Took a step towards my fear.

I smiled.

I smile a lot.

When I'm having fun. When I'm sad.

My smile became my weapon and my shield.

This is my mask.


Smile is captivating.

Inside me is crying a kid who was deceived by society. He fights for the right to be happy. He fights for the right to be heard. He fights for the right to be. I see fear in his eyes.

Thousands of thoughts go through his head. From the corner to the corner.

And I keep smiling and hiding it.

Smile is my defense.

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