She just tired

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Everyone sees our smile, but what about real feelings?

She just tired

Her thin fingers gripped a burned cigarette.

She was sitting in the darkness in an empty apartment. The rain drummed into the window. Every knock of the drop echoed in her head.

The city was asleep. The city was calm. The streets were deserted. His gaze was heavy and distracted. She exhaled the smoke slowly, closing her eyes.

Thousands of thoughts rushed through her head, but she continued to sit with a straight face. She felt overwhelmed, crushed. She was tired of the sound of the city. She was tired of the constant traffic jams. She was tired of the hustle and bustle of people.

From constant scandals and quarrels. She could no longer put up with the open lies and duplicity of people.

She no longer wanted to pursue success and money. She didn't want to smile at those around her anymore. She was tired of hiding her feelings. She was tired of pretending to be happy.

She was tired of doing beautiful makeup every morning. Wear a new dress and heels. She was tired of playing for a big jackpot. She was tired of the rules. Tired of the fiction that surrounds her.

Nothing happened. She's just tired.

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