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Save your memories on a piece of paper

Old photos

Do you like photos? I was always interested and frightened by the old ones at the same time. Who is depicted on them? What time are the photos taken?

Who made them? What time did this happen? What happened next? This is someone's fate. This is someone's life.

I carefully take a look at the faded photos. There are several people on them. Someone smiles, someone fixes his tie. What are they hiding? These are not just photos. These are not just unfamiliar faces.

Once they lived and made history. The history of the world and their life. They were kids with unsteady thinking and open-minded to everything new. They fought for the most beautiful girl in kindergarten and for the best toys.

They, like us, went to school, and then met with friends. They were also excited when applying to college. They also hung out in a friend's apartment all night, and then sat sleepy in classes. They also loved and were loved.

They, like us, experienced a spectrum of emotions: negative and positive. They were afraid, laughed, cried, hoped, suffered. They just enjoyed life. They wanted to live forever, and that their memory would last for many generations.

They wanted to grow old together and be ordinary retirees with weird habits. They did not think about their future but thought about what would happen next. What kind of people will be, morals? What will the next generation fight for and whether it will preserve what is valued and protected now?

Will they be remembered or forgotten in a couple of weeks? Each kept a skeleton in a closet. And everyone dreamed of staying young, like in the photo. More than a hundred years have passed.

I am a new generation.

What was the fate of these people? How did they live? What were they dreaming about? They took the answers with them.

Only a print on paper left, in the form of a photo.

Here they will forever remain young, happy, and with big plans for this life.

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